about csgo2asia

Shifting paradigms and elevating the Asian Counter-Strike scene. This is CSGO2ASIA.

Founded in 2016, CSGO2ASIA is an esports news & media team working to cultivate the competitive CS:GO scene in Asia. Our focus revolves around three key areas:

    • Developing the Asian CS:GO community
    • Creating world class esports news content & experiences for CS:GO
    • Leveraging partnerships to better enable CS:GO teams and players in Asia

Our Team

Nikhil Hathiramani 
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Gad Tan
Head of Digital Creative

Harley Örwall 
Head of League Operations

How does our ranking work?

Our ranking data is collected through a variety of channels including partnering websites, desktop applications, and our proprietary ranking algorithm. Our data acquisition & presentation are designed with competitive CS:GO at heart.

The Asian CS:GO scene is an interesting space due to the vastness of the region. As such, our ranking is a variation of popular rankings that already exist, with Asian spice added to the mix.

More information about the ranking system can be found here.

Our ranking is updated monthly.