Registration for CAL x Gamers Without Borders goes live

by Juandi

Signups for the inaugural CAL x Gamers Without Borders have been opened up. 

CSGO2ASIA has teamed up with Gamers Without Borders to host the CAL x Gamers Without Borders tournaments, which will consist of three tournaments hosted over the next three weeks with a total prize pool of US$1,500.

CAL x Gamers Without Borders will feature a best-of-one, single-elimination bracket and conclude with a best-of-three grand final on the second day of the tournament. The winner will be rewarded a US$500 Amazon voucher.

The registration period for teams interested in participating has begun starting today and will be open to all countries that fall under the FACEIT SEA Region.

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In order to accommodate participation from all parts of Asia, the first and third cups will be hosted on the India server, while the second will be hosted on the Singapore server.

For more information about CAL x Gamers Without Borders, please visit the tournament’s homepage or join our Discord server.

Below are the dates and registration links for the upcoming CAL x Gamers Without Borders tournaments:

Gamers Without Borders made history in 2020 and 2021 when it became the largest charitable esports and gaming festival in the world by contributing a total of US$20 million towards COVID relief and vaccine distribution, according to the release. The project brought gamers together in support of a single cause and increased awareness about the significance of staying safe during the pandemic.

The 2022 edition of Gamers Without Borders will see the humanitarian aid partners (Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, UNICEF, Gavi, and UNHCR) direct the funds to address a variety of humanitarian needs.

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