CAL Season 48 – More Games!

by Harley Örvall

August was a particularly competitive month in India’s premier division. It was great to see players play more than 150 games in a season once more. Queue times decrease and more games occur when players are eager to play – it simply becomes a better experience for everybody. Let’s cross our fingers that the momentum continues in September.

Unfortunately, there is also some bad news from the 47th season of CAL. FACEIT flagged a group of players in CAL’s 3rd SEA division for entering games quickly and surrendering them to gain ELO and leaderboard progress. All of the players involved have received temporary bans and will be ineligible for leaderboard prizes.

We at CAL are dedicated to fair play. It is critical for us to provide equal opportunities for all players to climb the leaderboards. We have a reporting system for players to use to report unethical behavior and toxicity. Please use it!

Our 48th season has just started, and we’re hoping for another fun month with a lot of games. Queue up, make it count!

FACEIT x Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi, a fintech platform, has partnered with FACEIT to host weekly free-to-enter tournaments in both APAC and India, beginning July 24 and ending September 11, with a total prize pool of more than $9,000 in crypto prizes.

“Gamers have a natural affinity with crypto, and they can now join us on the DeFi movement. Cake DeFi’s partnership with FACEIT will allow players to earn crypto while they game, and further earn returns on their crypto through our platform. In 2021, we paid out $230 million in rewards to our customers. So it’s a win-win-win for FACEIT gamers,” said Julian Hosp, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cake DeFi.

Cake DeFi Weekly Crypto Tournament registration is now open on FACEIT and Cake DeFi. The next tournament will take place on August 7. It should be noted that in order to redeem their prizes, players must first create a Cake DeFi account.

Learn more about FACEIT x Cake DeFi here: https://csgo2asia.com/faceit-cake-defi-to-host-a-weekly-tournament/

You don’t want to miss out on this weekly series with prizes in the current CS:GO climate with few tournaments!

Season 47 (August 2022) SEA Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

No games played.

Division 2 Winners

No games played.

Division 3 Winners

Leaderboard prizes were voided due to unethical play.

Season 10 (July 2022) India Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

1🇮🇳 reV3nnnn1,630₹7000
2🇮🇳 CSGO_D1,489₹4000
3🇮🇳 -Z0RO1,474₹2000
4🇮🇳 _ChAmPcs1,396₹1000
5🇮🇳 Ax1dxG081,1372₹1000

Winners of Division 2

Not enough games were played for prize eligibility.

Prizes for Season 48 (September 2022)

SEA Divisions

Division 1 - Season 48 Leaderboard
Total = US$200 

1st - US$ 150
2nd - US$ 50

Division 2 - Season 48 Leaderboard 
Total = US$150 

1st - $100
2nd - $50 

Division 3 - Season 48 Leaderboard 
Total = US$100 

1st - $75
2nd - $25

India Divisions

Division 1 - Season 11 Leaderboard
Total = ₹15000

1st - ₹7000
2nd - ₹4000
3rd - ₹2000
4-5 - ₹1000
6-10 - Free one-month sub
11-100 - FACEIT points

Division 2 - Season 11 Leaderboard
Total = ₹15000

1st - ₹7000
2nd - ₹4000
3rd - ₹2000
4-5 - ₹1000
6-10 - Free one-month sub
11-100 - FACEIT points

See the leaderboards for more details.

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