CS:GO vs VALORANT Rank Comparison – What Rank Are You Supposed to Have in VALORANT?

by Juandi

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and VALORANT are undeniably two of the world’s biggest FPS titles to the current date. While Valve’s legendary title has been around for more than a decade, Riot’s VALORANT just got launched in June 2020. The hype around both games has been tremendously big if we consider how many players from CS:GO have converted to Riot’s new game. But CS:GO will have a special place in our heart, won’t it?

Now let’s talk deeply into what makes CS:GO pretty popular, especially in the esports ecosystem. One of them is the presence of matchmaking offered by Valve. With matchmaking, players can queue, whether alone or lobbying with friends and grinding their way to the top. It is the same for other competitive games, CS:GO has its own rankings, divided into 18 ranks under four to five categories. We will not waste your time if you have complete understanding of the rankings. But if you do not know, you are always welcome to visit our CS:GO Rankings Guide here. Now, let’s talk about VALORANT ranks.

For VALORANT, there are eight rank categories in the game. Each rank, except the highest one, comprises of three tiers. In summary, VALORANT has a total of 22 rank tiers in the ranked mode.

If You Play VALORANT, What Rank Are You Supposed to Have?

With the help of EsportsTales’ monthly reports, we have been able to identify rank distribution for both of the games.

CS:GO and VALORANT rank distribution
(Image via EsportsTales)

From the graphics, we can see slight differences in the distribution of the elites of the game. While CS:GO has been around for a while, approximately 0.78% of players around the world have reached The Global Elite. VALORANT saw a reduced number of players of approximately 0.1% players reaching Radiant.

There is no exact comparison between both of them. So instead, we can mirror the ranks by determining it with the rank distributions in both games. CSGO2ASIA.com will update the data over time (Last Updated March 2021).

VALORANT and CS:GO Rank Distribution
(Layout by reddit.com/u/dragonitor)

Based on the estimations, MGE to Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) in CS:GO is the equivalent of Platinum 2 rank in VALORANT. It is very likely for a user ranked Silver 1 in CS:GO to get a higher rank than Iron 1 in VALORANT. The percentage number in the picture displays the percentage of players worldwide that are able to achieve those ranks. It indicates the top percentage of players. For example, as a Diamond 2, you are in the top 4.8% of the player base.

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