CAL Season 30 – Good Bye, Masters

by Harley Örvall

The 30th season of CAL is live with cash prizes, FACEIT points, and skins as prizes.

CAL – 30 Seasons!

While running CAL for the last two and a half years (30 seasons!), we have had the pleasure to offer cash, products, skins and FACEIT points with an added up value of over $40.000 as prizes to our players. We now have over 57.000 players in our hub, which is about twice as many as the same time last year. CAL would be nothing without its players, so a big thank you goes out to all of you that have queued up.

See You Later, Masters

The cat is out of the bag, Masters is no more. After careful consideration, looking at all the options available to us, we have decided to stop bankrolling the prize pool in Masters from S30 and onwards. When we revived Masters back in October of 2020, activity was great. The professional players were excited to play. Fast-forward to 2021 and the activity is non-existent. 

Our initial plan was to invite more talented players to boost activity, but the most common criticism we get from our invited Masters players (the professionals) is that the Division 1 players that qualify for Masters are not good enough to play in CAL’s premier division. The catch-22 is that Masters players want the division to be professionals only, but the reality is that there are not enough professional players left in CS:GO in Asia to solely rely on them playing to keep activity at a healthy level. 

Community Tournaments

By ending support for Masters, we are freeing up budget for community tournaments. As we are in the planning phase, we do not have a lot to share with you right now. Expect a more meaty update on format and date in the next seasonal CAL article.


Season 29 (February 2021) Winners:

Division 1 Winners

1🇲🇲 -KuroKa-1,761$125
2🇭🇰 Albert03091,649$75
3🇹🇭 -Ishtar1,632$50
4🇷🇺 daddyyouknow1,618$50

Division 2 Winners

1🇲🇲 -M4rk-_-1,457$75
2🇮🇩 Nikozzzzzzz_1,440$50
3🇮🇳 NJS1211,317$25

Division 3 Winners

1🇨🇳 nridia1,122$50
2🇲🇾 rain_20221,091SKIN WORTH $30
3🇮🇩 Marburg71,082SKIN WORTH $20
4🇮🇳 Jesrex1,268SKIN WORTH $10

Prizes for Season 30 (March 2021)

Division 1 - Season 30 Leaderboard
Total = US$300 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1nd - $125 
2nd - $75 
3rd - $50
4th - $50 
5th - 24th: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000! 

Division 2 - Season 30 Leaderboard 
Total = US$150 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $75
2nd - $50 
3rd - CS:GO Skin
4th - 24th: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000!

Division 3 - Season 30 Leaderboard 
Total = US$50 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $50 
2nd - 4th: CS:GO Skins
5th - 24th: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000! 

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 30 can be found below:

CAL Season 30 - March 2021 Updates

- Updated Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame on our league site - league.csgo2asia.com 

- Removed prizes for Masters

Division 1
- No Changes

Division 2
- Changed the $25 cash prize to a $30 skin

Division 3
- No Changes

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