ESEA Season 36 Open APAC match results and standings as of March 4

by Juandi

ESEA League Season 36 Open APAC is now in the seventh week. So far, the majority of the teams have played more than half of their matches for the season now, with another two weeks full of action to determine the 16 teams that will move up to the playoffs stage.

Here are the complete ESEA League Season 36 Open APAC match results and standings in the seventh week, March 4:

1🌏 NG Esports111
2🇵🇭 3xpendables (ex-Bren)103
3🇲🇳 The Black Company103
4🇹🇭 ZIGMA92
5🇲🇳 Checkmate83
6🇷🇺 Born in the East83
7🇲🇳 QuestionMark (ex-TIGER)84
8🇮🇳 BL4ZE ESports84
9🇹🇭 Looking For Organize (ex-Beyond)84
10🇲🇳 ARAVT85
11🇭🇰 GR Gaming75
12🇮🇳 Asking Questions76
13🇮🇩 Absolute Vatreni76
14🇳🇵 myRevenge Nepal66
15🇲🇳 Hulegu67
16🇵🇰 Chimp Store58
17🇮🇳 Headshot Esports58
19🌏 Paper Rex46
20🇯🇵 HoneyCombS47
21🇰🇷 Team Destroyers28
22🇲🇴 WhiteStory YST210
23🇲🇳 wildcard15
24🇮🇳 VIBE15
25🇹🇭 Avalon15
26🇳🇵 ZaPs Clan06
27🇮🇳 Crimson Elite06
28🇵🇰 TheBoyzzz08

NG Esports continues to be the standout team among all of the teams, with 11 wins and only one loss to The Black Company 16-12 on Mirage. The majority of the top 16 teams are dominated by the Mongolians, witha representation of five squads (The Black Company, Checkmate, ex-TIGER, ARAVT, Hulegu).

This season also saw many new contenders try out their luck, such as the Asian super team NG Esports, BL4ZE Esports, who won eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Festival 2020 South Asia, ARAVT from Mongolia, India-Singapore mix, namely AskingQuestions, and Absolute Vatreni from Indonesia. Despite several teams forfeiting, the Season 36 competition vibe looks more promising with more participants in attendance than the previous season.

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In unfortunate news, Paper Rex announced the disbandment of their CS:GO division and decided to transfer all of their players to their VALORANT division, with the addition of former LaZe and HuatZai player, Jorell “Retla” Teo. HuatZai and w2c did not participate in this season.

Another news to follow is that D13 are currently competing at ESEA Season 36 Europe Open. At the time of writing, the Mongolian squad are currently sitting in ninth place with 12 wins, and 2 losses.

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