CAL Season 44 – The New Normal

by Harley Örvall

Naturally, good news about CAL would be welcome; perhaps a new partner for the coming season, increased activity in the hub, and a resurgence of sorts for CS:GO in Asia. Unfortunately, we’re still heading down the same path, with decent to healthy activity in our India divisions and no activity in our Southeast Asia divisions.

The good news is that several positive things happening behind the scene. While we are still in the exploratory stage, we aim to have positive news for all of our subscribers and players by June.

Southeast Asia

To celebrate our improved offering, we’ve created a custom discount code that gives players 50% off on our quarterly subscription. The code is only valid in April, so make sure that you subscribe using the “CAL50” discount code to get a three-month

So, where did all the players from Southeast Asia go? I wish we had the solution to that million-dollar question. We don’t, to be honest. We know that the number of players in CS:GO has steadily decreased over the last two years. We also know that the region’s professional teams are few and far between. 

However, we are aware that there are still CS:GO players in Southeast Asia. Our issue is that in an environment where professional CS:GO in Asia has been crippled, it’s difficult for us to attract new players. What opportunities do they have to take their game to the next level? They hardly exist, unfortunately. 

How can we expect players to keep pushing the envelope and improving if there aren’t enough teams, competitions, or simply enough incentives? After all, competing games provide better prizes to be won.

A Passionate Bunch

While we want CAL to rise to past activity levels again, we’re also realistic. CS:GO does not enjoy the same popularity in Asia as it once did. Opportunities to go pro are limited as we only have a few professional teams in the region. For players that are striving to test themselves and reach a level where they can get on a team and make a living playing, the outlook is bleak.

Luckily, there are still many of you out there playing the game because you truly enjoy it, not because you want to go pro. Some of you are playing in CAL, some of you are not.

We are running CAL because we’re passionate about CS:GO. It’s not a profitable venture for us. We are doing it because we believe in the community. Because we know that the Asian CS:GO community is a passionate group of people.

If you like to play CS:GO but haven’t played in CAL yet, check out league.csgo2asia.com for more information on how to join!

Minimum Games Played For Prize Eligibility

To avoid future confusion, we’d like to remind everyone that CAL prizes are only paid out if a player has played at least 10 games during the season. The rule is in place to encourage users to queue up more and combat low activity.

Season 43 (April 2022) SEA Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

No games played.

Division 2 Winners

No games played.

Division 3 Winners

No games played.

Season 5 (April 2022) India Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

1🇮🇳 reV3nnnn1,769₹7000
2🇮🇳 waghoda1,405₹4000
3🇮🇳 Riderrrrr_1,401₹2000
4🇮🇳 SH4DY-1,341₹1000
5🇮🇳 Owned071,322₹1000

Division 2 Winners (leaderboard adjusted to reflect the players that had minimum ten games played during CAL’s April season)

1🇮🇳 t1tan-ium1,134₹7000
2🇮🇳 F-A-L_C-O-N1,099₹4000
3🇮🇳 Deadly_Pie1,002₹2000
4🇮🇳 Brollan19989₹1000
5🇮🇳 AngriiBuddha971₹1000

Prizes for Season 44 (May 2022)

SEA Divisions

Division 1 - Season 44 Leaderboard
Total = US$200 

1st - US$ 150
2nd - US$ 50

Division 2 - Season 44 Leaderboard 
Total = US$150 

1st - $100
2nd - $50 

Division 3 - Season 44 Leaderboard 
Total = US$100 

1st - $75
2nd - $25

India Divisions

Division 1 - Season 6 Leaderboard
Total = ₹15000

1st - ₹7000
2nd - ₹4000
3rd - ₹2000
4-5 - ₹1000
6-10 - Free one-month sub
11-100 - FACEIT points

Division 2 - Season 6 Leaderboard
Total = ₹15000

1st - ₹7000
2nd - ₹4000
3rd - ₹2000
4-5 - ₹1000
6-10 - Free one-month sub
11-100 - FACEIT points

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 43 can be found below:

CAL Season 44 - May 2022 Updates

- Updated league site (league.csgo2asia.com)

SEA Division 1
- No changes

SEA Division 2
- No changes

SEA Division 3
- No changes

India Division 1
- No changes

India Division 2
- No changes

CAL Clan
-No changes

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