Registration for ESEA Season 41 Open APAC goes live

by Juandi

ESEA has announced the details of its upcoming seasonal league. Registration for the league is currently open on the ESEA website and will remain so until April 18.

ESEA Season 41 Open APAC will offer US$200,000 on the table across divisions in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Oceania, South Africa, and Latin America. However, the exact prize breakdown will be announced in the first weeks after registration closes when the team numbers are locked in for each division.

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As previously mentioned, the registration will be closed on April 18th, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT, with the schedule to be released on April 20th at 9:00 PT. Once registration closes, there will be a couple of days for teams to get paid up, submit their vetoes, and schedule their first matches, with the first default day occurring on the 25th. All regular-season matches must be completed by the evening of June 12th in order to begin the playoffs.

The ESEA League provides an organized schedule where teams are matched with opponents of similar win rates. More information can be found in the league’s blog post on ESEA. Other than that, ESEA has set the end of the league on July 17th. With the increase in prize money, both the Challenger League and Open division in Asia-Pacific will now have an entry fee consistent with the other regions.

Teams can only qualify for the ESL Challenger League exclusively through the ESEA Asia-Pacific Open and Relegation divisions, similar to how Australia/New Zealand Premier has historically operated. Here is the teams’ breakdown for ECL S42:

TBD (EPL Movedown)ECL Season 41 Team
ECL Season 41 TeamECL Season 41 Team
ECL Season 41 TeamECL Season 41 Team
ECL Season 41 TeamESEA Open Season 41 #1
ECL Season 41 TeamECL Season 41 Relegation #1-2
ECL Season 41 TeamECL Season 41 Relegation #1-2
ECL Season 41 TeamECL Season 41 Relegation #3-4
ECL Season 41 TeamECL Season 41 Relegation #3-4

The cheapest way for teams to pay for League Fees is going to be buying a Premium membership on Steam. You can then use the ESEA points to pay your League fees whilst also having the required Steam membership.

At the time of writing, ESEA Season 40 Open APAC has concluded, with Born in Mongolia emerging as champions, defeating MY/SG combine darkside 2-1. (Overpass 16-5, Inferno 5-16, Nuke 2-16). Chinguun “hasteka” Bayarmaa and co. took home a US$500 first-place prize and a spot in ESL Challenger League Season 41, while Moon Esports snatched a US$300 second-place prize.

Meanwhile, Rare Atom just qualified for the upcoming ESL Pro League Conference Season 16 after winning the ESL Challenger League Season 40, beating TYLOO in the finals 3-1. The Chinese squad will face notable names such as Virtus.pro, Sprout, MiBR, and others in Jönköping, Sweden in June.

If you are eager to participate, there is still time to get a team together. If you join the CSGO2ASIA Official Discord channel, you can use the new #team-finder channel to find like-minded players. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll be able to get your hands on the big prize!

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