CAL Season 21 – Dreamcore x Cyberpunk 2077!

by Nikhil Hathiramani

CAL Season 21 is here! We’ve extended the free-to-play period and brought in an awesome new sponsor with even more awesome prizes! Is anyone excited for Cyberpunk 2077? Subscribe today and stand a chance at winning one of six special edition box sets of the highly anticipated game!

CAL is back! As we near ever closer to our 2-year anniversary, boy do we have some exciting prizes for you! We’ve been hard at work trying to get more activity, better prizes and more reasons to play, so this season, expect a lot of new reasons to play with us.

Last season we saw a huge spike in activity, with players in Division 1 and 2 fighting hard for the first-place prize. We even had a fun incident in which FACEIT 5v5 queues were down for an entire afternoon, and the hubs were flooded with new players causing both chaos and a lot of funny stories amongst the admin team.

That incident, while most welcome, highlighted once again that the playing experience for all our subscribers is paramount to the success of the CSGO2ASIA League. That is why this season we are starting to make that more of a focus. While CAL suffered from a lack of activity problem just a few short months ago, that is no longer the case, and it’s time to refocus our efforts.

New Subscriber Benefits

We often get asked, “what are the benefits of subscribing?” When the hubs were subscriber-only, this question was easier to answer. However, with the recent move to make queues free-to-play, we’ve started to understand that simply gaining access to the leaderboards isn’t as compelling a reason as all the other perks we love to speak about: dedicated admins, mandatory anti-cheat, 128-tick servers and of course, the prizes! So, read on to find out what we’re adding this season.

Increased Admin Support for Subscribers

Starting this season, we’re introducing a tiered system in admin support. One example of these changes you’ll notice is when it comes to auto-bans. Effectively immediately, all non-subscribers will no longer have auto-bans removed, with no exceptions. Subscribers will be able to remove auto-bans, but these will be subject to the cases listed clearly in our rules. Subscribers will also receive dedicated admin support through our 1-on-1 voice channel in Discord.

Weekly Exclusive Skin Giveaways

Among other things, we are also going to be giving away skins on our weekly stream, “How NOT to play CS” feat. nikh & dsn. Each week, one lucky subscriber will receive a skin worth US$25! You’ll have to watch the stream to find out who’s the winner though. Catch the stream every Wednesday at 10PM SGT (UTC+8).

Most Matches MVP

The one player with the most wins, across ALL our hubs, irrespective of the division, will receive a US$100 bounty! You heard that right. You can come 4th or 7th on the leaderboard, but if you have the most wins in season 21, you will be rewarded!

A Word On Our Sponsor

Our sponsor this season is Dreamcore. Dreamcore exists to spread a passion for technology, to empower consumers, and to challenge the impossible. They do this by constantly focusing their energies on designing better products, cultivating a culture of technological education, and forging radical partnerships. And radical this is. This season, Dreamcore is giving away six copies of this Cyberpunk 2077 special edition box set, a slick gaming monitor, and a GTX 1650 graphics card! See below for prize details and breakdown!

This is an exciting season for us, and we hope that these changes will pave the way for the even bigger things we have planned for you guys in the future! Among them, a special BOT that will handle the voice channels in discord, as well as give you more reporting tools, and an upgraded league website with live matches listed, and more!

Thank you for the on-going support. We’ll see you in the hubs!

Last Season’s Winners


iamshaz 🇸🇬 ZOWIE XL2546
-Foils- 🇸🇬 ZOWIE XL2546

Division 1 Winners

1 iamshaz 🇸🇬 2,409ZOWIE XL2546
2__Hoax 🇮🇳1,877$125
3–JoryFish– 🇸🇬1,853$75

Division 2 Winners

1 -Foils- 🇸🇬 1,870ZOWIE XL2546
2ommysubaru 🇮🇩1,728$75
3MiracleF- 🇸🇬 1,644$50

Division 3 Winner

1Tepenzzy 🇮🇩 1,407 $50

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Prizes for Season 21 (June 2020)

Dreamcore x Cyberpunk 2077 Leaderboards

Dreamcore x Cyberpunk 2077 Leaderboard
Div 1 = 1x SuperSolid P27 Pro 27 + 2 copies of Cyberpunk 2077  
Div 2 = 1x MSI GTX 1650 Super Ventus OC + 2 copies of Cyberpunk 2077 
Div 3 = 2 copies of Cyberpunk 2077 

Division 1 - Season 21 Leaderboard
Total = US$ 300 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - US$ 125 
2nd - US$ 75 
3rd - US$ 50
4th - US$ 50 
5th - 53rd: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000! 

Division 2 - Season 21 Leaderboard 
Total = S$150 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $75
2nd - $50
3rd - $25 
4th - 53rd: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000!

Division 3 - Season 21 Leaderboard 
Total = S$50 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $50 
2nd - 51st: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000! 

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 21 can be found below:

CAL Season 21 - June 2020 Updates

- Removed ZOWIE XL Challenge Leaderboard
- Added Dreamcore x Cyberpunk Challenge Leaderboard
- Readjusted cancellation rules due to the on-going global pandemic
- Added new sections to FAQ
- Added dedicated 1-on-1 admin voice channel for subscribers

Division 1
- Added Hong Kong Servers
- Auto-bans will no longer be removed for non-subscribers

Division 2
- Added Hong Kong Servers
- Auto-bans will no longer be removed for non-subscribers

Division 3
- Auto-bans will no longer be removed for non-subscribers

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