CAL Season 24 – Business as Usual

by Nikhil Hathiramani

CAL Season 24 is here! As we approach our two year anniversary of CAL we continue to monitor all divisions and provide quality of life updates for the entire CSGO2ASIA community.

Welcome to Season 24! The new season is live and leaderboards have been active since September 1st at 20:00 SGT. We’ve been hard at work trying to get more activity, better prizes, and more reasons to play, and our previous seasons are evidence of just that!

There isn’t much to update this season, as our team is hard at work securing some exciting prizes for the upcoming 2-year anniversary of the CAL (formerly APL).

It’s been incredible to continue serving the community all this time, and we thank you all for your tremendous support!

Final Thoughts

As we approach the 2-year anniversary of our League, we’d like to give thanks to all the subscribers and players who have supported us from day one. While we are aware that Division 2 is currently going through a lul-period, it isn’t a surprise either. The release of games like VALORANT and the overall nature of CS:GO in Asia is a big contributing factor. We’ll be making changes in the upcoming seasons and hopefully, give more reasons to play.

Stay tuned for more updates about Masters division, prize pools, and new sponsors in the upcoming months.

New subscription rates – subscribe today at the lower price!

Last month, we spoke about the business side. In order to continue delivering value to our subscribers, sustainability is key. Starting in Season 26, we will be increasing the price of subscriptions from $1.99 to $2.99. Now is a good time to subscribe to ensure you can subscribe at the lower rate.

Don’t forget to find our streamer codes for a 50% discount on the 3-month subscription!

Division 1 Winners

1🇧🇳 Co1d-3- 1,385$ 125
2🇧🇳 -_Mojo_- 1,319$ 75
3🇹🇭 Junkiez- 1,277$ 50
4🇲🇾 5_L 1,222$ 50

Division 2 Winners

1🇰🇷 PORFA1,535$ 75
2🇭🇰 y0nny-1,387$ 50
3🇲🇾 G_Pleasure1,150$ 25

Division 3 Winner

1🇮🇩 Friedge 1,377$50

Prizes for Season 24 (September 2020)

Division 1 - Season 24 Leaderboard
Total = US$ 300 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - US$ 125 
2nd - US$ 75 
3rd - US$ 50
4th - US$ 50 
5th - 53rd: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000! 

Division 2 - Season 24 Leaderboard 
Total = S$150 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $75
2nd - $50
3rd - $25 
4th - 53rd: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000!

Division 3 - Season 24 Leaderboard 
Total = S$50 + 50,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $50 
2nd - 51st: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000! 

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 24 can be found below:

CAL Season 24 - September 2020 Updates

- Updated FAQ
- Added new 'Live Chat' feature on League Website
- Quality of Life updates to league.csgo2asia.com

Division 1
- No Changes

Division 2
- No changes

Division 3
- No Changes 

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