NEST Pro Series 2019 – What You Need to Know

by Kai Lih

Chinese Esports Organizer CGA and 5E Arena announced a new CS:GO Esports Brand in early September——the NEST Pro Series. The first NEST Pro Series lasts from September to December 2019 and features 16 invited teams to compete for the US$60,000 prize pool.

The NEST Pro series is an initiative between CGA and 5EPlay, the popular CS: GO platform in China. The competition features a nearly three-month-long league with a LAN final held in China from December 12-15th.

The regional qualifiers for the NEST Pro series cover Asia, Americas, Europe & CIS. CIS team, Syman gaming, recently qualified for the LAN finals after defeating Finland’s SJ, 2-0.

The Asia qualifiers are still underway, with some teams waiting for round three matches. All matches are played in a swiss-style format with the top two teams qualifying for the LAN finals in China. The following 16 teams have been invited:

🇨🇳 Invictus
🇨🇳 ViCi
🇨🇳 RTE
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision
🇨🇳 Vital Spark
🇨🇳 Aster
🇹🇭 Lucid Dream
🇹🇭 MiTH.Maple
🇵🇭 ex-ArkAngel

Alongside the main CS:GO competition, NEST has partnered with ZOWIE DIVINA to feature a female CS:GO competition with a US$10,000 prize. Female teams from all over Asia have also been busy with the swiss-style qualification process, which is currently in phase two. The top two teams from the qualifier will join one team from Europe and one team from the Americas. The results can be seen here.

In the meantime, details for the Americas qualifier have yet to be revealed.

NEST Pro Series CS:GO Pro League

Grand Finals
Teams: 4 – Syman, Asia #1 (TBD) , Asia #2 (TBD) , Americas (TBD)
Venue: TBD (China)
Date: December 12nd – 15th
Format: (TBD)
Prize Pool: $60,000 USD

NEST Pro Series DIVINA Women’s CS:GO Pro League

Grand Finals
Teams: 4 (TBD)
Type: TBD (China)
Date: December 12nd – 15th
Format: (TBD)
Prize Pool: $10,000 USD

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