ROG Masters 2021 APAC registration begins

by Juandi

The registration process for the US$32,600 ROG Masters 2021 Asia-Pacific is now open, ASUS ROG has announced.

The qualifying process for the qualifiers across 15 countries will kick off at the end of March. It will run for approximately three weeks for the entire qualifiers to determine the four leading sides competing in their respective local finals. The majority (Core 3) of the lineup must represent their home country in the region that they are registered as participants with the player’s nationality determined by a valid passport. If there is no such majority, the team cannot take part in ROG Masters 2021 APAC without prior approval from the tournament administration.

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Below you can find the dates for the country qualifiers:

March 25🇱🇰 Sri Lanka / 🇹🇭 Thailand
March 26🇭🇰 Hong Kong / 🇸🇬 Singapore
April 1🇵🇭 Philippines
April 2🇰🇷 South Korea / 🇲🇾 Malaysia
April 8🇮🇳 India
April 9🇰🇭 Cambodia / 🇻🇳 Vietnam
April 15🇧🇩 Bangladesh / 🇮🇩 Indonesia
April 16🇦🇺 Australia / 🇯🇵 Japan
Source: Official ASUS ROG

The top four of the qualifiers will earn spots in their respective country qualifier, where they will square off to claim the US$800 first-place prize and a spot at the APAC Finals (numbers of slots & grand prizes may vary in each country’s qualifier). Four teams will be battling it out in a best-of-three (BO3) single-elimination format across all matches.

Below you can find the dates for the country finals, as well as grand prizes and numbers of APAC Finals’ spots offered for each country:

Country QualifierDatePrize Pools & APAC Finals Spot(s)
🇦🇺 AustraliaApril 18US$1,400 & 3 Spots
🇰🇷 South KoreaApril 4US$1,400 & 3 Spots
🇯🇵 JapanApril 18US$1,400 & 3 Spots
🇭🇰 Hong KongMarch 28US$1,200 & 2 Spots
🇮🇳 IndiaApril 10US$1,400 & 3 Spots
🇱🇰 Sri LankaMarch 27US$800 & 1 Spots
🇧🇩 BangladeshApril 17US$800 & 1 Spots
🇵🇭 PhilippinesApril 3US$1,200 & 2 Spots
🇰🇭 CambodiaApril 11US$800 & 1 Spots
🇲🇲 Myanmar*
🇹🇭 ThailandMarch 27US$1,400 & 3 Spots
🇻🇳 VietnamApril 11US$1,200 & 2 Spots
🇮🇩 IndonesiaApril 17US$1,400 & 3 Spots
🇸🇬 SingaporeMarch 28US$1,200 & 2 Spots
🇲🇾 MalaysiaApril 4US$1,200 & 2 Spots
Source: Official ASUS ROG
*To be confirmed

ROG Masters 2017 was the latest iteration by ROG – a sub-company of a Taiwan-based giant hardware manufacturer, ASUS. ROG Masters 2017 APAC Finals saw 5POWER Gaming as the winner, followed by Grayhound Gaming in the runner-up place. The Global Finals was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with Gambit Esports as the winner and went home with a lion’s share of US$235,000 prize pool.

The winners of the qualifiers will earn spots in the ROG Masters 2021 Playoffs, featuring 32 teams across Asia-Pacific to secure the US$10,000 first-place prize. All matches will be played on the FACEIT platform, featuring a single-elimination bracket with best-of-one clashes all the way to the grand final.

ROG Masters 2021 APAC Finals schedule can be found below:

April 22Round of 32
April 23Round of 32 & Round of 16
April 24Quarterfinals & Semifinals
April 253rd place & Grand Final
Source: Official ASUS ROG

Below are the registration links for the upcoming country qualifiers:

Registration Link – ROGmasters.gg
Official Rulebook – ROGmasters.gg

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