Asian Legend Challenge League announced with US$35,000 prize pool

by Juandi

The China-based FDS Esports partners with online video platform Bilibili to host the ‘Asian Legend Challenge League’ featuring twelve invited teams with US$35,000 on the line.

The Asian Legend Challenge League will feature 12 invited teams from China, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Thailand. Set to run from November 14 to December 11, the twelve competing sides will be drawn into two-round robin groups, with all matches being played in a best-of-three (BO3) format. The top three teams from each group will advance to the double-elimination, best-of-three (BO3) playoffs. The grand final will be played in a best-of-five (BO5) series, with 1 map advantage to the upper-bracket team.

Invited Teams

Singapore’s Huat Zai will return to competitive play after they were forced to forfeit recent tournaments due to players receiving false VAC bans related to the Chinese third-party matchmaking, 5EPlay. Chinese side Wings Up will be one of the top teams to watch following their good run in the FunSpark ULTI 2020 Asia Qualifier last month, beating various big teams including TIGER and ViCi. Chinese sides Lynn Vision and Jijiehao feature in group B, together with the Philippines’ Bren Esports.

Aside from that, Invictus Gaming, Paper Rex, and ZIGMA are among the teams to watch with the potential to break out of groups. Below you can find the full groups drawn for the Asian Legend Challenge League in full:

🇨🇳 After Gaming🇵🇭 Bren Esports
🇸🇬 Huat Zai🇨🇳 Invictus Gaming
🇲🇳 Black Company🇨🇳 Let’s Quit
🌏 Paper Rex🇨🇳 Lynn Vision Gaming
🇨🇳 Reece🇨🇳 Jijiehao
🇨🇳 Wings Up Gaming🇹🇭 ZIGMA

The $35,000 prize money breakdown for the tournament is as follows:

  1. US$17,000
  2. US$8,000
  3. US$4,000
  4. US$3,000
  5. US$2,000
  6. US$1,000

Matches & Results of Asian Legend Challenge League (SGT UTC+8)

  • FINISHEDWings Up vs Paper Rex (2-1)
  • FINISHED – Bren Esports vs Invictus Gaming (0-2)
  • FINISHED ZIGMA vs JiJieHao (2-0)
  • FINISHED – Reece vs HZ (0-2)
  • FINISHED After Gaming vs Reece (2-0)
  • FINISHED Lynn Vision vs Invictus Gaming (2-1)
  • FINISHED Bren Esports vs Let’s Quit (2-1)
  • FINISHED Black Company vs After Gaming (2-1)
  • FINISHED – Reece vs Wings Up (1-2)
  • FINISHED Bren Esports vs JiJieHao (2-0)
  • FINISHED – Paper Rex vs HZ (1-2)
  • FINISHED – Let’s Quit vs Lynn Vision (0-2)
  • FINISHED Invictus Gaming vs ZIGMA (2-1)
  • November 25 11.00 – After Gaming vs Paper Rex
  • November 25 14.00 – Let’s Quit vs JiJieHao
  • November 26 11.00 – HZ vs Black Company
  • November 26 14.00 – JiJieHao vs Lynn Vision
  • November 27 11.00 – Invictus Gaming vs Let’s Quit
  • November 27 14.00 – Reece vs Black Company

Asian Legend Challenge League Livestreams:

At the moment, we are unaware of the official streams for the competition. We will update this page as we know more.

  • EN: TBD
  • CN: TBD

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