CAL Season 19 – The Lockdown

by Nikhil Hathiramani

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread. We’re all indoors. Come join us as the CSGO2ASIA League soars to the highest levels of activity since Season 1 & 2!

As we enter Season 19, one thing has stood out: Division 3 is BACK BABY! As always, the playing experience for all our subscribers is paramount to the success of the CSGO2ASIA League. Last year, with the launch of the new CAL and abundance of activity in Division 2, we decided to make a division split which resulted in Division 3 dying off. However, with the recent Caronavirus outbreak resulting in everyone staying home, we thought it only made sense to give Division 3 another try.

We suspected some obstacles, especially regarding the frequency of the matches played. In Division 3, the player levels (1-4) meant to create a safe place for low-level players to get used to the idea of and experience the SoloQ environment. That is why we made a significant change.

Division 3 Is Back – With Changes

At the core of it all, we want to create an environment that allows players to learn and improve, to grow and to be free from toxic players and cheaters. However, the challenge of getting people into the queue at these levels has proven tough before. In order to save those who subscribed for what came to be essentially “zero” matches for the whole season, we have decided to allow Division 3 members to queue with a party of up to three members.

This will allow you to play with people you trust, your friends for example. You can then make sure you minimize the disruption of abusive/non-compliant players in Division 3.

Internet & Routing Issues

Because of the increase in people staying home, ISP’s all over have seen growing strains. This, together with FACEIT servers constantly being overloaded has caused a lot of bugs, errors and canceled matches.

As such, we will be reviewing our policy on match cancellations as we monitor the ongoing situation. We encourage all users to seek our FAQ for how to fix ping issues. We will hold off on cancelling matches for single high latency players – it is your responsibility to follow the steps in the link fix provided and report back to us when the FACEIT admins have addressed your issue.

The ZOWIE XL Challenge

Last season was a smashing success, so thank you! The ZOWIE XL Challenge Leaderboard saw players in Division 1 & 2 fight tooth and nail for the top spot, but we finally had two winners. As we enter the lockdown, we’ll be speaking with more sponsors and hopefully have new updates for you very very soon.

To all the winners, congratulations! We’ve been processing your payment details and issuing prizes much faster now, and as a season winner, you can expect your prizes to be paid within the 30-day window.

Please do see our FAQ for more information on prize collection and redemption. For Season 18, a member of our admin team will contact you via Discord, so please make sure you have joined!


More details about last seasons winners, this seasons prizes and more are listed below:

Season 18 Winners


SimoNNeo 🇧🇳 ZOWIE XL2546
Hildegrad 🇮🇩 ZOWIE XL2546

Division 1 Winners

1SimoNNeo 🇧🇳2,118$125 + Invite
2YESicaN- 🇲🇾2,052$75 + Invite
3-CHUUWU 🇸🇬1,824$50 + Invite
4eneriiDOG 🇸🇬1,761$50 + Invite
5Fruppyz1 🇸🇬1,732Invite

Division 2 Winners

1Hildegrad 🇮🇩1,474$100
2LLBeast 🇱🇰1,426$75
3iamZAC 🇬🇧1,399$25
4JunKiez- 🇹🇭1,392
5MiracleF- 🇨🇳1,380

Prizes for Season 19 (March)

Division 1 
Total = US$ 300 + 5 Invites to Masters + 100,000 FACEIT Points

1st - US$ 125 + Invite to Masters Division
2nd - US$ 75 + Invite to Masters Division
3rd - US$ 50 + Invite to Masters Division
4th - US$ 50 + Invite to Masters Division
5th - Invite to Masters Division
1st - 40th: FACEIT Points totaling 100,000!

Division 2
Total = S$200 + 100,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $100 
2nd - $75 
3rd - $25  
1st - 40th: FACEIT Points totaling 100,000!

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 19 can be found below:

CAL Season 19 - April 2020 Updates

- Removed ZOWIE XL Challenge Leaderboard
- Introduced - "The Lockdown"

Division 1
- Enabled F2P (Free-2-Play) for the month of April.
- Only subscribers are eligible for this month's prizes.

Division 2
- Enabled F2P (Free-2-Play) for the month of April.
- Only subscribers are eligible for this month's prizes.

Division 3
- Div 3 is opened with #STAYATHOME event util April 30th.
- Disabled SoloQ.
- Members can now queue with a party of up to three (3) members
- Div 3 has 50k points up for grabs.

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