CAL Season 40 – Welcome 2022!

by Harley Örvall

CAL’s 39th season was not only the last season of 2021, it was also the last season for a while with ZOWIE on board as our official partner. For five months, starting in September 2021, ZOWIE‘s support has meant that CAL players have had awesome hardware leaderboard prizes to compete for. In total, 10 fantastic ZOWIE gaming monitors and multiple ZOWIE EC3-C gaming mice have been won by the best league performers over the last five months. ZOWIE‘s support brought back a much-needed excitement to CAL by raising the stakes.

Thank you for the last five months, ZOWIE!

CAL Aim Challenge

In December, we hosted our second Aim Challenge. Initially, we wanted to host the Aim Challenge on our Mumbai servers, but due to server capacity limitations, we had to scrap our initial plan and run the Aim Challenge on our Singapore servers instead. In the end, 🇲🇾 rasingh bested the 32-player strong field and walked away with a ZOWIE EC3-C gaming mouse for his efforts. In addition to his winning campaign in the Aim Challenge, 🇲🇾 rasingh also won a ZOWIE XL2546K in December as he ended up on top of the SEA Div 1 leaderboard in season 39. We raise our flutes for you, sir.

Grassroots VI!

We initially planned to run our sixth instalment in our Grassroots tournament series, conveniently named Grassroots VI, in December, but in the end, we could not find a date that worked for everybody involved in running the tournament to make it happen. The new date has now been set, and we’re happy to announce that Grassroots VI will be taking place 22-23 January, and will be played on Mumbai servers.

Hosting it on Mumbai servers is important for us, as we want to do more for the very passionate South Asian community that is now an integral part of CAL. The fact that the tournament is going to be played on Mumbai servers doesn’t mean that teams from other countries can’t join. As always, Grassroots VI will be open to teams from all around Asia.

What it does mean is that players from South Asia get a chance to prove themselves on more favourable playing conditions than what they’re usually defaulted to play on when facing international teams. We believe that this is really important and a step forward towards our vision to create a good CAL experience for players from all over Asia.

Registration for Grassroots VI will open soon through CAL’s FACEIT hub, so make sure to keep your eyes open!


Finally, we just want to say thank you to all of you that played CAL in 2021. The highlights for us in 2021 include the opening of our India Divisions and our partnership with ZOWIE. But more important than that, the biggest highlight was that the league turned three years old and that people are still playing!

Time flies when you have fun the saying goes, and to be honest it doesn’t feel like we’ve been running CAL for three years, which must be a good thing.

Thank you to all our players and staff for a wonderful 2021. We wish you all the best for 2022!

A Word About Our Sponsor – ZOWIE!

1 x XL2546K and 1 x XL2411K are up for grabs this season, in Division 1 and 2 respectively! Don’t miss out!

ZOWIE was founded at the end of 2008. It is a brand dedicated to the development of professional esports equipment. At the time of its debut, there were only three hardworking employees and one product. As there was no “esports” back then, ZOWIE had spent a lot of time gathering, listening, and engaging with competitive gamers/players on the internet, forums, and gaming communities worldwide. That got them into the world of esports. 

Fast forward to today, and the BenQ ZOWIE XL series monitors are the most popular gaming monitors to professional gamers around and adopted by world-class tournament organizers globally. It’s not because of the latest technology, or the cheapest price. It was all because of the product’s meticulous design approach, with real players’ insight, development, and testing. 

Learn more about ZOWIE here.

Season 39 (December 2021) SEA Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

1🇲🇾 rasingh 1,573ZOWIE XL2546K
2🇹🇭 Lnwgot1,541$150
3🇷🇺 CALinterz1,446$50

Division 2 Winners

1🇮🇳 Owned071,135ZOWIE XL2411K (Since Owned07 previously won a monitor in Div 2, the 1st and 2nd place prizes will be swapped this season as per the CAL rules.)
2🇮🇳 ZappY_3k1,098$100
3🇹🇷 STENYIEJUPS1,071$50

Division 3 Winners

1🇮🇳 PhoenixGYT1,544ZOWIE EC3-C
2🇮🇳 -DARKW0LF-1,517$150
3🇮🇳 CALinterz1,457$50

Season 1 (December 2021) India Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

1🇮🇳 reV3nnnn1,917₹6000
2🇮🇳 DiceDealer1,766₹3000
3🇮🇳 Oggy14371,628₹1000

Division 2 Winners

1🇮🇳 IamCur5ed1,737₹6000
2🇮🇳 —-STAN1,611₹3000
3🇮🇳 cake_cup1,548₹1000

Prizes for Season 40 (January 2022)

SEA Divisions

Division 1 - Season 40 Leaderboard
Total = US$200 

1st - US$ 150
2nd - US$ 50

Division 2 - Season 40 Leaderboard 
Total = US$150 

1st - $100
2nd - $50 

Division 3 - Season 40 Leaderboard 
Total = US$100 

1st - $75
2nd - $25

India Divisions

Division 1 - Season 3 Leaderboard
Total = ₹10000

1st - ₹6000
2nd - ₹3000
3rd - ₹1500

Division 2 - Season 3 Leaderboard
Total = ₹10000

1st - ₹6000
2nd - ₹3000
3rd - ₹1500

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 40 can be found below:

CAL Season 40 - January 2022 Updates

- Updated league site (league.csgo2asia.com)

SEA Division 1
- Altered prize pool

SEA Division 2
- Altered prize pool

SEA Division 3
- Altered prize pool

India Division 1
- No changes

India Division 2
- No changes

CAL Clan
- No changes

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