CAL Season 42 – We Keep On Going!

by Harley Örvall

We’re not going to lie, the start of the year for CAL has been slow. And since it’s been a slow start, we don’t have exciting things to write about.

Our Southeast Asian divisions are continuing to experience a lack of activity. Unfortunately, it appears that the current cash prizes are insufficient to attract participants to show up and grind. As former players, we recognize that putting in the effort is more enjoyable when the returns are larger.

However, there are still rays of optimism to be seen.

Our Indian divisions are still seeing a high level of activity, as we mentioned in our previous monthly report, so there are still some positive takeaways to be found when looking at the data from our 41st season.

Minimum Games Played For Prize Eligibility

To avoid future confusion, we’d like to remind everyone that CAL prizes are only paid out if a player has played at least 10 games during the season. The rule is in place to encourage users to queue up more and combat low activity.

Future Partnerships

We’re always looking for partners willing to come in and bolster up the prize fund to try to combat the poor activity. Our prior collaborations with ZOWIE were all highly successful since the addition of hardware as leaderboard prizes enticed our CAL players to play more.

A Lot Going On!

The team behind CAL has been really busy lately. We’re a small crew that manages different properties, so CAL has taken a back seat. We recognize that we must increase our involvement in order to return the league to acceptable levels of activity, and we’re taking internal steps to expedite this process as much as possible.

Thank you to everyone playing in CAL for your support!

Season 41 (February 2022) SEA Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

No games played

Division 2 Winners

The minimum games played threshold for prize eligibility was not reached.

Division 3 Winners

No games played.

Season 4 (February 2022) India Division Winners:

Division 1 Winners

1🇮🇳 reV3nnnn1,740₹6000
2🇮🇳 Riderrrrr_1,494₹3000
3🇮🇳 —WIN—1,477₹1000

Division 2 Winners

1🇮🇳 F–A-L_C-O-N1,553₹6000
2🇮🇳 being_niko1,521₹3000
3🇮🇳 kenpachi1471,517₹1000

Prizes for Season 42 (March 2022)

SEA Divisions

Division 1 - Season 42 Leaderboard
Total = US$200 

1st - US$ 150
2nd - US$ 50

Division 2 - Season 42 Leaderboard 
Total = US$150 

1st - $100
2nd - $50 

Division 3 - Season 42 Leaderboard 
Total = US$100 

1st - $75
2nd - $25

India Divisions

Division 1 - Season 4 Leaderboard
Total = ₹10000

1st - ₹6000
2nd - ₹3000
3rd - ₹1500

Division 2 - Season 4 Leaderboard
Total = ₹10000

1st - ₹6000
2nd - ₹3000
3rd - ₹1500

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 42 can be found below:

CAL Season 42 - March 2022 Updates

- Updated league site (league.csgo2asia.com)

SEA Division 1
- No changes

SEA Division 2
- No changes

SEA Division 3
- No changes

India Division 1
- No changes

India Division 2
- No changes

CAL Clan
- No changes

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