ESEA Season 37 Open APAC Recap Week 2 – A Slow Start to The Real Contest

by Juandi

As ESEA Season 37 Open APAC enters its third week, CSGO2ASIA.com has prepared a concise summary of the second week to help you grasp and keep up with the situation on the field.

The second week of ESEA Season 37 Open APAC has seen a high number of forfeit matches, rendering it difficult to use as a valid indicator of teams’ performance for the time being. Furthermore, the early phases of the season allowed teams in the bottom half of the standings to move up, not limited to the first ranking.

Since the start of the season, the Singaporean team HZ has had a smooth trip. Nevin “splashske” Aw and co. claimed victories over FenrirBN and SR Kwak while being under no particular threat from them. Forfeit wins by myRevenge.Nepal and Alpha Creed this week will give them a significant edge in ensuring a playoff spot more comfortably.

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Asking Questions got off to a rocky start in the second week as they faced up against Team NKT (ex-NG). Despite missing out on claiming 16 rounds of their own, the international squad demonstrated their value by taking the game all the way one round before the final buzzer sounded, claiming close scorelines of 13-16. Given that Asking Questions just swapped a player not long ago, these results still can be considered a fantastic start from them.

Due to their latest signing with Renatus VALORANT, Play For Food (ex-Beyond) will drop out of the race, leaving CS:GO in the dust.

Mongolian teams had no significant changes in rankings or outcomes this week since the bulk of them were attending the MESA Pro Series Season 3 this week, and several matches were either delayed, rescheduled, or forfeited by them.

The third week will naturally separate inactive teams and competing teams among all 44 registered. Some notable matches to keep an eye on include HZ versus Team NKT (ex-NG) on May 18 and w2c up against ZIGMA on May 23.

The standings prior to matches on May 17 were as follows:

1🇵🇰 Dynamite50
2🇸🇬 HZ40
3🇭🇰 DoNotDisturbLa40
4🇹🇭 ZIGMA40
5🇷🇺 maGicDV40
6🌏 ARTiSAN Esports40
7🇭🇰 GR Gaming30
8🇲🇳 Renewal30
9🌏 Team NKT30
10🇧🇩 RedViperZ31
11🇸🇬 Asking Questions31
12🇧🇳 Goodfellas Gaming31
13🇭🇰 Not Even Close HK31
14🇮🇩 Redemptions31
15🇮🇳 NoTeamTag31
16🇵🇭 SR Kwak32
17🇶🇦 SNRG21
18🇲🇳 ARAVT21
19🇲🇳 w2c21
20🇲🇳 Checkmate22
21🇮🇳 Headshot eSports22
22🇬🇺 Latte Esports22
23🇰🇷 Real N Mode23
24🇮🇳 5 GAY DADS13
25🇮🇩 Hardcore13
26🇯🇵 HoneyCombS13
27🇧🇳 FenrirBN13
29🇳🇵 Team Cillerian Asia13
30🇷🇺 5YAT00
31🇮🇳 TEAM TeRR01
32🇧🇳 Yuth E-Sports01
33🇲🇺 DARK Esports02
34🇮🇳 Tantrum e-sports02
35🇮🇳 Team Xeeno02
36🇮🇳 Alpha Creed03
37🇲🇾 Lepak Minum Kopi03
38🇮🇳 Tetroyd03
39🇹🇭 Play For Food03
41🇧🇳 Vencer03
42🇳🇵 myRevenge Nepal03
43🇮🇳 RedMonk04
44🇹🇭 5LAN04

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