Hyperion x OEL CS:GO Launch Playoffs Viewer’s Guide

by Juandi

With the US$17,500 Hyperion x OEL CS:GO Launch set to take place on May 19-23, CSGO2ASIA.com presents a viewer’s guide containing a comprehensive outline of information about the inter-regional tournament

In the widely awaited event linking two continents in one server, 16 teams from APAC and Oceania will compete for the lion’s share of US$17,500. Teams will play in a double-elimination bracket with best-of-one (BO1) initial matches and progress to best-of-three (BO3) series in round three and beyond. The champions will be crowned upon the conclusion of the grand final on Sunday, May 23, in a best-of-five (BO5) series with one map advantage to the upper-bracket team.

Among participants at the event are eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Festival 2020 Oceania grand finalists, VERTEX Esports Club and Bizarre Gaming. TeamLZ (ex-Beyond) were set to represent Thailand alongside ZIGMA, but due to their move to VALORANT, subsequently replaced by last chance qualifier team LVG. The former NG Esports squad will be playing under the name of Team NKT until they find a new home.

The participants can be found below:

🇦🇺 Bizarre Gaming🇲🇳 w2c
🇲🇳 D13 Esports🇭🇰 100p
🇦🇺 VERTEX Esports Club🇹🇭 ZIGMA
🇸🇬 HuatZai🇦🇺 Skyfire
🌏 Team NKT (ex-NG Esports)🇦🇺 SYLYX Esports
🇲🇳 Checkmate🇲🇳 The Black Company
🇲🇳 ARAVT CS:GO🇦🇺 Paradox Gaming
🇨🇳 LVG🇦🇺 Fury

The schedule for the first day of Hyperion x OEL CS:GO Launch looks as follows:

Wednesday, May 19

12.00 – 🇹🇭 ZIGMA vs 🌏 Team NKT (ex-NG Esports)
12.00 – 🇲🇳 The Black Company vs 🇦🇺 Paradox Gaming
13.30 – 🇲🇳 Checkmate vs 🇦🇺 Fury
13.30 – 🇲🇳 D13 Esports vs 🇭🇰 100p
15.00 – 🇸🇬 HuatZai vs 🇦🇺 Bizarre Gaming
15.00 – 🇦🇺 VERTEX Esports Club vs 🇲🇳 w2c
16.30 – 🇦🇺 Skyfire vs 🇲🇳 ARAVT CS:GO
16:30 – 🇦🇺 SYLYX Esports vs 🇨🇳 LVG

Future matches will be displayed on CSGO2ASIA.com Match Ticker

(Photo courtesy of OEL)

Bringing the action will be a five-man talent lineup. Below you can find the complete on-air team for the event:

Concluding the viewer’s guide is the prize distribution, which looks as follows:

1. US$6,000
2. US$3,000
3. US$1,750
4. US$1,250
5-6. US$1,000
7-8. US$750
9-12. US$500
13-16. –

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