Funspark announces all-year-long Funspark ULTI 2021 with US$630K prize pool

by Juandi

Funspark have announced the newest edition of their FunSpark ULTI event. The 2021 tournament is set to feature a US$630,000 prize pool throughout the year.

Funspark ULTI 2021 is an all-year-long tournament organized by Funspark and 5EPlay. This time, it will use a different structure from the previous Funspark ULTI 2020. The event will be split into three series: Regional Series (4 seasons), Playoffs, and Grand Final, featuring a ranking system to determine which teams are entitled to advance to the Finals.

Details about Funspark ULTI Regional Series Asia & Europe dates can be found below:

Regional Series Season 1 : March 15-28
Regional Series Season 2 : May 24-June 6
Regional Series Season 3 : September 27-October 10
Regional Series Season 4 : November 15-28

Regional Series Season 1 : March 29-April 11
Regional Series Season 2 : May 10-23
Regional Series Season 3 : September 13-26
Regional Series Season 4 : November 1-14

Funspark ULTI 2021 dates
Funspark ULTI 2021 dates.
(Photo courtesy of Funspark)

A total of 32 teams across two regions, Europe and Asia, will fight for a prize share of US$30,000 and US$15,000 per season, respectively, making a sum of US$180,000 prize pool dedicated for the Regional Series.

While all 16 European teams for Europe Regional Series Season 1 have been set, Asia regional Series Season 1 will follow a different structure to determine teams competing. Six teams will receive direct invitations, and 5E Arena Open East Asia and South Asia will each get four slots to be up for grabs. CSGO2ASIA.com will provide more information regarding the 5E Arena Open East and Southeast Asia event soon. Two more slots have been allocated for the 5E Open Cup China winners.

The team list for Funspark ULTI 2021 Regional Series Asia Season 1 is as follows:

🇨🇳 Wings Up🌍 5E Arena Open East Asia #1
🇨🇳 Invictus Gaming🌍 5E Arena Open East Asia #2
🇨🇳 LVG🌍 5E Arena Open East Asia #3
🇨🇳 Let’s Quit🌍 5E Arena Open East Asia #4
🇨🇳 TaiChangGui🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #1
🇨🇳 TYLOO🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #2
🇨🇳 Newhappy🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #3
🇨🇳 Reece🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #4

The team list for Funspark ULTI 2021 Regional Series Europe Season 1 is as follows:

🇪🇺 FPX🇩🇰 Lyngby Vikings
🇫🇮 HAVU🇧🇷 Team One
🇸🇪 Dignitas🇩🇪 Sprout
🇪🇺 HellRaisers🇵🇱 AGO
🇫🇷 Team LDLC🇩🇪 MAD Lions
🇰🇿 K23🇷🇺 Winstrike
🇪🇺 Movistar Riders🇪🇺 ENCE
🇵🇹 SAW🇧🇾 Nemiga

After the Regional Series ended, two Funspark ULTI Playoffs will be held for each Asian and European division. A sum of US$150,000 will be at stake in the double-elimination format event. However, details regarding the prize pool distribution are still unknown.

Details about Funspark ULTI 2021 Playoffs Asia & Europe dates can be found below:

Playoffs 1: June 21-27
Playoffs 2: December 6-12

Playoffs 1: June 14-20
Playoffs 2: November 29-December 5

Afterward, Funspark ULTI 2021 Grand Final will be the final event of the year scheduled for December 13-26 to bring together 8 teams from both regions to fight for the giant US$300,000 prize pool on LAN. The final event will feature two finalists from Funspark ULTI 2020, one top-performing team from FunSpark ULTI 2021 Asia, the top two teams from the European division, and three invited teams which will be announced in the future.

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It has been acknowledged from the press release that Funspark has also partnered up with several parties, one of them is Huya, one of the biggest Chinese live-streaming services owned by Tencent. Globally, the service is known under the name of Nimo TV. All of the matches will be broadcasted exclusively by Huya.

The announcement of Funspark ULTI 2021 brings a new hope to revive the Asian scene, especially in the East and Southeast parts, adding another contribution to the scene following 5EPlay’s announcement of 5E Arena International in early March this year.

“We are looking to kickstart the CS:GO community in the region once again and hope that a series of planned activities and the launch of our platform would greatly help towards that,”

– Colin Gan, Project Lead at 5E Arena APAC.

The Funspark ULTI 2021 prize pool will be distributed in the following way:

Funspark ULTI Regional Series: US$180,000
– European Division: US$30,000 per season (4)
– Asian Division: US$15,000 per season (4)

Funspark ULTI Playoffs: US$150,000
– European Division: TBA
– Asian Division: TBA

Funspark ULTI Grand Final: US$300,000

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