Hyperion x OEL Inter-Regional Registration Begins

by Juandi

Oceanic Esports has launched the registration process for the first season of its Hyperion x OEL Inter-Regional CS:GO Event. The registration is now open across Asia-Pacific and Oceania region.

In the press release on Friday, Oceanic Esports League (OEL) mentions a prize pool of US$17,500, a big increase from its initial prize pool of US$10,000 after the event announced RTI and GTA as additional sponsors.

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The qualifying process will be split across two regions, Oceania and Asia-Pacific. Each region will have two open qualifiers, where participants will battle it out in a best-of-one (BO1) system of a single-elimination bracket. Best-of-three (BO3) elimination will be used from the semi-finals stage with the top 2 teams from each qualifier advancing to the main event.

The top eight teams of these qualifiers will move on to the playoffs to be played on Hyperion Servers located in Guam, linking players across Asia, US West, and Oceania.

Hyperion x OEL Inter-Regional will be the first multi-regional event to across Asia-Pacific and Oceania to be played simultaneously. (Photo courtesy of OEL)

Guam Based Servers

Guam, the U.S. island territory in the Pacific, is located approximately equidistant to the major surrounding nations and represents both a new space for casual inter-regional gaming, as well as a level playing field for competitive regional play.

Kicking off January 13-17, the main inter-regional event will feature eight top teams. A total of US$17,500 will be up for grabs in the tournament, to reward the winning side a total prize pool of US$17,500. No further information about the prize shares has been known.

Below you can find the dates for the open qualifiers:

Open Qualifiers #1 (2 Slots to Main Event) (December 19) – Register
Open Qualifiers #2 (2 Slots to Main Event) (December 20) – Register

Open Qualifiers #1 (2 Slots to Main Event) (December 19) – Register
Open Qualifiers #2 (2 Slots to Main Event) (December 20) – Register

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