Registration for ESEA Season 39 Open APAC goes live

by Juandi

ESEA have announced the details of its upcoming seasonal league. Registration for the league is currently open on the ESEA website and will remain so until October 18, with matches set to begin the following week, on October 25.

ESEA Season 39 Open APAC will offer more than US$200,000 on the table across divisions n North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, and South America. However, the exact prize breakdown will be announced in the first weeks after registration closes when the team numbers are locked in for each division.

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As previously mentioned, the registration will be closed on October 18, with the schedule to be released on October 21. The first default day will be October 25. The ESEA League provides an organized schedule where teams are matched with opponents of similar win rates. More information can be found in the league’s blog post on ESEA. Other than that, ESEA has set the end of the league to December 19.

At the time of writing, ESEA Season 38 Open APAC is still ongoing in the playoffs stage. The open qualifier has come to a close on September 19, with 21 top teams advancing to the playoffs, including The Black Company, ARTiSAN Esports, Team NKT, and others to duke it out for the US$3,500 total prize pool.

If you are eager to participate, there is still time to get a team together. If you join the CSGO2ASIA Official Discord channel, you can use the new #team-finder channel to find like-minded players. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll be able to get your hands on the big prize!

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