ROG Masters APAC Finals 2021 Viewer’s Guide

by Juandi

With ROG Masters 2021 APAC Finals kicking off on Thursday, CSGO2ASIA.com has prepared a comprehensive guide regarding the US$31,700 event just for you.

The last ROG Masters was held in 2017, which featured more than 500 registered teams across 13 country-based qualifiers. The CS:GO APAC final was won by 5POWER Gaming, who was able to beat Australia’s Grayhound Gaming at SMX Convention Center, Philippines. The return of ROG Masters in the last three years has been long-awaited by many CS enthusiasts across Asia despite the controversy that has been going around regarding the nationality limitation.

The qualifying process has involved 15 countries across Asia-Pacific since late March. The open qualifier held by each country gave big opportunities for the local and upcoming talent to participate in the playoffs, representing their own country.

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The playoffs will feature various teams from 15 Southeast Asian countries. Some prominent names in the competition including Huat Zai, who will represent Singapore. Furthermore, ZIGMA, Expendables (ex-Bren), 2ez Gaming, and Absolute Vatreni are among the teams to compete. Australia will put up two teams, Trident Esports and Paradox Esports, with the latter are ranked in the top four of HLTV’s Oceania Regional Rankings.

The participants’ list for ROG Masters 2021 APAC Finals looks as follows:

🇦🇺 Paradox Esports🇦🇺 Trident Esports
🇧🇩 Red ViperZ🇧🇩 MCM Light
🇰🇭 AG Esports🇰🇭 Team A Point
🇭🇰 100P🇭🇰 Teletubbies
🇭🇰 Do Not Disturb La🇮🇳 Wicked Gaming
🇮🇳 2ez Gaming🇮🇳 Headshot Esports
🇮🇳 Wasted Potential🇮🇩 4Sehat 5Sempurna
🇮🇩 Team ForteZ🇮🇩 Vatreni
🇯🇵 5Entry🇲🇾 Team LZ
🇲🇾 Expired Esports🇵🇭 Expendables
🇵🇭 Team Kwak🇸🇬 Huat Zai
🇸🇬 Random5🇸🇬 Alpha Black
🇰🇷 4Seasons Gaming🇱🇰 ZeGg Esports
🇹🇭 ZUl0o🇻🇳 Revolution Y
🇻🇳 ilovefifa🇻🇳 5Hunters

The playoffs themselves will be hosted on Thursday, with each match being a best-of-three all the way to the grand final. 32 contestants will duke it out for US$31,700 in prize money, split between the top three finishes, with the winner to take home a giant US$10,000 first-place prize. Nevertheless, all teams will grab up a fraction of the prize pool as the winner of its own Regional Event.

Following is the full bracket for the four days of play:

According to the official, the event will be live-streamed live on ASUS ROG‘s Twitch Channel. So far, there is no further information for the broadcast talent.

Concluding the viewer’s guide is the ROG Masters 2021 APAC Finals prize pool breakdown, which looks as follows:

  1. US$10,000
  2. US$3,500
  3. US$1,500

Regional (Country Qualifier) Prize Breakdown:

  1. US$800
  2. US$400
  3. US$200
  4. US$100

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