The Asian Pro League – Season 2 Is Here!

by Nikhil Hathiramani

After a successful first Season, we are back with new updates, a (slightly) bigger prize pool and new divisions for Season 2!

The Asian Pro League is celebrating the end of Season One! We are already prepping for Season 2 to begin this evening, October 31st, 2018 at 20:00 (SGT).  We have worked hard to listen to all the feedback, screen all reports and provide the necessary support to the community. Through this, we have learned a tremendous amount from all of you. So for that, we would like to thank all the subscribers for showing their support in Season 1, and we hope you continue your journey with us in Season 2.

On to the good stuff – this League is and always will be community driven. We are grateful for all of you who have volunteered your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Some of the updates to season two have been a result of all of these suggestions, whereas some are necessary to make sure we have a fair, toxic free and enjoyable playing environment.

Issues such as the reporting system, servers, division levels, and payment methods seem to be some of your main concerns. This, as well as keeping our Hubs toxic and cheater free are among our TOP priorities right now. As such, you will see a lot of changes coming your way regarding these issues, especially to help facilitate better reporting and updating of the punishments players receive.

The first such change is our new Hall of Shame. This page will be updated weekly, and players who have been warned and/or banned will be pasted up on the Hall for all to see. There are still many things we know we need to work on, like the access for our Chinese friends and ability to submit reports as well as evidence, so do bear with us as we work to address these as soon as possible.

Lastly, we have made some big changes to the levels for each division, introduced a new Division 3 as well as some nifty new details in the lower divisions of APL. Division 2 and 3 players will now be able to DuoQ with a friend! Don’t forget to invite your friends to come and queue with you, the first-month offer is still valid on our monthly subscription using the code “APLGG2EZ”!

We would also like to congratulate all the winners of season one, and a special shout out to the winners of division 1! Both spielz 🇸🇬 and BKK- 🇹🇼 will join the Pro Division as winners of division 1. They will now compete at the Pro level for a chance at that top prize and recognition!

Winners of APL Season 1

Pro Division
  1. PTC 🇹🇭 – US$ 500
  2. Bobosaur 🇸🇬 – US$ 300
  3. kabal 🇲🇳 – US$ 100
  4. w1nt3r 🇰🇿 – US$ 50
  5. NEUZ- 🇲🇳 – US$ 50
Division 1 (SG)
  1. spielz 🇸🇬 – US$125 + Special invite to Pro Division
  2. -FloridaMan 🇺🇸 – US$ 75
  3. ChoiChinJian 🇨🇳 – US$50
Division 1 (HK)
  1. BKK- 🇲🇳 – US$125 + Special invite to Pro Division
  2. ProTaToCSG 🇭🇰 – US$ 75
  3. NoahRainy 🇹🇼 – US$50

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to check our main APL page on FACEIT and join the Hubs now!

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A Full List of Updates Can Be Seen Below:

APL Season 2 Updates

- Updated FAQ.
- Added new 'Hall of Shame' for public viewing of succesfully reported/banned players.
- Expanded prize pool to include Division 2 and 3.
- Standardized game modes and queue settings on all hubs.

Pro Division
- Added Hong Kong and Singapore Server voting option.

Division 1
- Combined Division 1 (SG) and Division 1 (HK) to one unified Division.
- Added Hong Kong and Singapore Server voting option.
- Updated level requirement for Division 1, now level 9-10 only.
- Expanded prize pool for Division 1 to include 4th and 5th place.
- Removed the ability for all members to see who is in queue to avoid queue dodging.
- Increased list of countries allowed to play in Division 1 (SG/HK Server).

Division 2
- Division 2 is now set to level 4-8.
- Divison 2 will now feature DuoQ. Players can choose to Queue solo or with a friend.
- sv_deadtalk is now enabled.
- Friendly fire is now off by default.
- Added prizes totaling 10,000 FACEIT Points for Season 2 leaderboard.

Division 3
- A new Division 3 is now set to level 1-3 for both HK and SG.
- Divison 3 will feature DuoQ. Players can choose to Queue solo or with a friend.
- sv_deadtalk is enabled.
- Friendly fire is off by default.
- Added prizes totaling 5,000 FACEIT Points for Season 2 leaderboard.

New Division Structure – Season 2

In case you still have questions, don’t forget to check out our official FAQ page here.

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