Valve Change ELEAGUE Major Structure

by Ruben Backx

Valve Makes Changes To ELEAGUE Major Stages

Valve recently announced various changes to the ELEAGUE Major’s different stages. What was traditionally called the ‘Major Offline Qualifier’ will now be called the “The New Challengers” stage, and be considered a part of the Major itself. This is a significant change as the Major Qualifier was previously run separately from the Major itself. Now the Major Qualifier is considered to be a part of the Major, the Major is expanded from 16 to 24 teams.

When Valve announced the change, many immediately started asking if the extra 8 teams will be getting stickers. Christina Alejande, the General Manager of ELEAGUE, has since confirmed that all 24 teams will be receiving stickers:

I’m sure plenty of you will be excited to hear TYLOO stickers are finally coming.

Along with the change of the Major Qualifier’s name, the group stage and playoff stage have also been changed. What was previously the group stage will now be called “The New Legends” stage and the playoff stage will be called “The New Champions” stage. The format of the ELEAGUE Major has still not been revealed, and will most likely be announced closer to the starting date.

Below you can find the schedule for ELEAGUE Major: Boston:

  • The New Challengers stage – January 12-15
  • The New Legends stage – January 19-22
  • The New Champions stage – January 26-28

Cover photo courtesy of ELEAGUE

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