Flash Replace TYLOO At ELEAGUE Major 2018

by Ruben Backx

Rough Patch For TYLOO, A Chance for Flash Gaming

TYLOO has hit yet another bump in the road to attend their first Major in Boston. TYLOO were set to attend the newly-named “New Challengers” stage at ELEAGUE’s studio in Atlanta in January. The “New Challengers” stage was previously known as the Major Offline Qualifier but changed with Valve’s recent changes to the Major system which also saw the qualifier linked together with the Major itself.

TYLOO hit their first obstacle when Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand’s visa to the United States was denied and meant that if they were to play in Atlanta they would have to do so without their beast from the East. ELEAGUE’s strict rules meant TYLOO’s options were very limited. The only eligible replacement for BnTeT was their ex-coach Luis “Peacemaker” Tadeu.

Peacemaker, who is now signed with Heroic, made it very clear that he was on the fence about standing in for TYLOO on Twitter:

Early tweets made it seem as if Peacemaker had already been confirmed as BnTeT’s replacement. However, as the situation developed it was revealed that Peacemaker and TYLOO were still at a very shaky negotiating table. According to Jarek “DeKay” Lewis the two parties were not able to come to an agreement.

In the latest development, TYLOO confirmed on Chinese social media site, Weibo, that they are indeed forfeiting their slot, providing a lengthy explanation of the events that unfolded:

Due to ELEAGUE’s rules that created the aforementioned issue, Flash will replace TYLOO at the Major with the roster they used at the Minor despite having made changes, benching QiFang “Karsa”Su and KunHua “LOVEYY” Bai in favor of WeiJia “INNOPY” Guo and Zhe “Ayeon” Yang.

Flash‘s roster at the first stage of the Major, set to take place in ELEAGUE’s studios in Atlanta from January 12-15, will thus be the following:

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