Welcome To The New CSGO2ASIA.COM!

by Nikhil Hathiramani

Dear Readers,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the new #CSGO2ASIA experience!

You may have noticed that the new site is very publication driven, and that is intentional. While some features of the old site are missing (the obvious one being our match ticker) there are many new ones to replace the old. I don’t want to spend time just yet on why we chose to include certain features while foregoing others. But, I promise you, there is a lot of cool stuff to come. Instead, I want to take this moment to quickly recap the journey of CSGO2ASIA with ALL OF YOU, our loyal fans.

In The Beginning

When I started this project, all I had was a vision, a question that I wanted to answer: “how do we elevate Asian CS:GO?”

What I saw in front of me was a CS:GO scene lacking in direction, in thought leadership, and severely in structure. However, the irony is that we have talent! We have teams, tournaments, streamers, casters, country-specific communities, forums and skype groups, and discord servers. Yes, most of our teams are terrible, but we have good teams team, and not to mention a massive player base, but all of those are useless without a common goal.

In my mind, the goal for a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is simple, to truly be global. In the context of Asia, this is a huge challenge, but nevertheless, developing this community is our way of contributing to that goal. Despite how behind Asian CS:GO appears to be, I firmly believe we will get there.

When I started this project, all I had was a vision, a question that I wanted to be answered, and that was: “How do we elevate Asian CS:GO?”

Then Till Now

This project started with nothing more than a simple one-page site ranking the top teams in Asia, and, coupled with a Twitter account, we began releasing as much information about the Asian CS:GO scene as our time allowed.

We’ve come a long way since then in just 8 short months. The process has been lengthy and we’ve still yet to answer the original question. One thing is for sure, though; through written content, videos, team rankings and sharing streams, the stories we’ve told of our scene are proving to be something worth your while.

It is this storytelling, sharing the ups and downs of our community and giving the scene a voice, that I feel, right now, is our most important task. As a region, we already transcend borders, cultures, languages and differing opinions through the love of one game, Counter-Strike. Let us all continue to drive forward as a region and bring CS:GO to the next level!

Because, really, why should Dota have all the fun?

For those of you who have supported us since day one, a huge thank you! & if you’ve just discovered our platform, welcome!

I hope you find joy and excitement in seeing this vision through, with us.

-Nikhil “nikH” Hathiramani

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