We’re Loving The New dust2

by Nikhil Hathiramani

The Iconic Map Gets a Major Face Lift

In a tweet earlier this week, Valve hinted at the new dust2 “coming soon”. Well, only 24-hours later, Valve announced a pre-release update to the beta depot of CS:GO with the new dust2 available for testing. (Check gallery above).

Naturally, we couldn’t wait to try our hands on this updated version of perhaps the most iconic map in Counter-Strike history.

First Impressions of the New de_dust2

While at first glance it appears that the map is nothing more than an aesthetic upgrade, upon further inspection one realizes that minor details have been included, or removed, to improve overall gameplay.

  • They’ve replaced annoying physics based props with static prop detail such as weeds and rocks.
  • Tunnels are brighter!
  • A-long seems wider (Sort of like the way Infernew felt after the update)
  • Catwalk has some interesting new angles to cover as a CT
  • The doors are wooden
  • There are stairs at mid ramp and T-ramp
  • Valve gave a facelift to the Leet crew models, too. Check that out below.

As we explore the map, stay tuned for a follow up on the before and after comparison of dust2!

The New Leet Crew Models

Don’t mess with moustache man

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