CAL Season 16 – The Start of a New Year

by Nikhil Hathiramani

Happy New Year! As we enter 2020, we have a lot to look back upon and even more to look forward to for the CSGO2ASIA League!

Happy New Year! As we enter Season 16, one thing remains true:  the playing experience for all our subscribers is paramount to the success of the CSGO2ASIA League. This year we hope to give you even more reasons to enjoy playing in the CAL!

We started this project back in October 2018 – we’ve learned a tremendous amount over the last sixteen months, through surveys, trial, and error, a severe lack of activity and more…We’ve lowered the subscription fee, added new faceit point event leaderboards and continuously asking for your feedback about the development of this league. A few things stand out, and a few things backfired along the way, but overall we feel that the goals of the CSGO2ASIA League are much more aligned today than they ever were before.

At the core of it all, we want to create an environment that allows players to learn and improve, to grow and to be free from toxic players and cheaters. Thank you for the support all these months and here’s to an even bigger and better 2020 for the CAL!

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More details about last seasons winners, this seasons prizes and more are listed below:

Division 1 Winners

1iamshaz 🇺🇸1,218$125 + Invite
2BumbleBonnie 🇯🇵1,159$75 + Invite
3iicecream 🇧🇳1,141$50 + Invite
4ZesBeeW 🇸🇬 1,077$50 + Invite
5KREIMAA 🇫🇮1,071Invite

Division 2 Winners

1NineTreyBlud 🇸🇬 1,077$125
2itsLucid- 🇲🇾1,072$75
3IAmTheBone 🇯🇵 1,050$25
4Boysuan63 🇸🇬 1,048
5BolocoBender 🇸🇬 1,033

Division 3 Winners

1NANA25,000 Faceit Points
2NANA15,000 Faceit Points
3NANA10,000 Faceit Points
4NANA5000 Faceit Points
5NANA5000 Faceit Points

Prizes for Season 16 (January)

Division 1 
Total = US$ 300 + 5 Invites to Masters + 100,000 FACEIT Points

1st - US$ 125 + Invite to Masters Division
2nd - US$ 75 + Invite to Masters Division
3rd - US$ 50 + Invite to Masters Division
4th - US$ 50 + Invite to Masters Division
5th - Invite to Masters Division
1st - 40th: FACEIT Points totaling 100,000!

Division 2
Total = S$200 + 100,000 FACEIT Points

1st - $100 
2nd - $75 
3rd - $25  
1st - 40th: FACEIT Points totaling 100,000!

Division 3 Total = 100,000 FACEIT Points 

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 16 can be found below:

CAL Season 16 - January Updates

- Updated FAQ and Rules

Division 1
- No changes

Division 2
- No Changes

Division 3
- This division may be closed if activity is inadequate

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