Invictus wins NEX Play From Home Tournament

by Ruben Backx

The NEX Play From Home tournament comes to a close with Invictus taking home first place and US$10,000.

The Play From Home group stage kicked off two weeks ago with the 8 teams being split into two groups. With all the teams looking to get their hands on the US$20,000 prize pool, the group stage was set to start.

Group Stage

Group A saw Invictus cruise through to the playoffs relatively easily winning both their games 2-0. The fight for second place was more scrappy. HuatZai, in the other opening match, also made quick work of newcomers Paper Rex. However, the elimination match between Paper Rex and BTRG was a much closer affair. But, BTRG ended up being the better team winning 2-1. After losing the winner’s game against Invictus, Huat Zai took on BTRG in the decider. Once again a close match up, BTRG continued their success to 2-1 over HautZai, claiming their spot in the playoffs.

Group B’s opening matches were also quite one-sided, with both ZIGMA and TIGER winning 2-0. Bren proved to be too much for underdogs SHIFT in the following elimination match, knocking them swiftly, 2-0. Meanwhile, there was drama in the winner’s match between ZIGMA and TIGER. The match went to a third map, but TIGER forfeited the last map due to an emergency issue. Nonetheless, they redeemed themselves in the decider with a 2-1 over Bren. With that, TIGER joined ZIGMA to progress to the playoffs.


The playoff’s first-round saw Invictus take on TIGER, while ZIGMA took on BTRG in the other match. Unfortunately, TIGER’s problems from the group stages were not resolved. They forfeited the series against Invictus in the middle of the second map after a health emergency arose. On the other hand, ZIGMA and BTRG had an intense game. The first map went to a second overtime, which ZIGMA managed to take 22-20. While BTRG bounced back on the second map, ZIGMA closed the series out on the third map to win 2-1.

Coming off a big win against BTRG, ZIGMA looked strong against Invictus in the upper bracket final. Winning both maps 16-9, ZIGMA dispatched Invictus off to the lower bracket. Having had to forfeit their first playoff game due to a health emergency, TIGER also forfeited their lower bracket game giving BTRG a free pass. And so, BTRG came up against Invictus in the lower bracket final. Invictus wasn’t hanging around long in the lower bracket, beating BTRG 2-0 to make it to the Grand Final, and marking the end of BTRG’s run in the tournament.

Grand Final

The Grand Final was a BO5, and Invictus and ZIGMA were sure to put on a show. The two teams traded maps back and forth. Invictus won the first map 16-8, ZIGMA the second 16-12, Invictus the third 16-5 and ZIGMA the fourth 16-11. Having come from the lower bracket, Invictus was determined and it showed. Invictus secured the final map 16-7 and with it the series 3-2, and so winning the NEX Play From Home tournament.

The final results of the NEX Play From Home tournament are as follows:

1st: 🇨🇳 Invictus – $10,000
2nd: 🇹🇭 ZIGMA – $5,000
3rd: 🌏 BTRG – $2,000
4th: 🇲🇳 TIGER – $1,000
5-6th: 🇸🇬 HuatZai – $500
5-6th: 🇵🇭 Bren Esports – $500
7-8th: 🌏 Paper Rex – $500
7-8th: 🇻🇳 SHIFT – $500

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