NG Esports cease operations; team open to offers

by Juandi

Thai organization NG Esports will immediately cease operations and leave the esports scene, while the squad and the management will remain together and open to potential offers.

NG Esports, a Thai-based organization that has fielded prominent names of the scene such as Erdenetsogt “erkaSt” Gantulga, Kevin “xccurate” Susanto, and others, will cease their operations due to a breach of commitment by one of NG Esports’ co-founders, Samakorn Mahawong.

“ Today we are saddened to release a statement regarding our current situation within NG. From today onwards the NG organization will seize to operate due to the actions of one of our owners, Samakorn Mahawong. Which lead to an inevitable fall of the project due to a lack of investment and supports that were promised by Samakorn Mahawong. The co-founders and the people within NG are not responsible for the actions that Samakorn Mahawong did during his time as the director of NG Esports.

Moving forward. Our CS:GO team, social media team, and the co-owners will continue to operate under a new banner while looking for a potential supporter and funding needed to fulfill our vision for our CS:GO team.”

– NG Esports via Facebook

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Formerly known as NoName Gaming, the organization rebranded as NG Esports following their first foray into the international stage in September of last year by acquiring Anthony “ImpressioN” Lim. The following month saw them acquire a number of notable names in the scene including Lee “XigN” Hyun-pyo, Thotsaphon “cbbk” Suphatthanaphalaphon, with Erdenetsogt “erkaSt” Gantulga and Kevin “xccurate” Susanto being the biggest surprises to the roster.

With the composition, NG Esports soon rose to prominence in the Asian scene, particularly in Southeast Asia. The outcomes, however, were not as hoped since the team has yet to consistently perform against top Chinese and Mongolian teams, making them dubious in the online period.

xccurate and co. will remain together under a new name

A strong showing in the first quarter includes a runner-up finish in the ESEA APAC Season 36 Open APAC Playoffs. However, the ImpressioN-led side has been unable to capitalize on its success in the former tournament. They took a big hit in the first season of PWL CS:GO, placing 5th-8th and 9th-15th in the first and second open qualifiers, respectively.

“… In the end, all of us have decided to stick and continue to practice together. Despite not having any organization support for now, we will continue to practice and prepare together for upcoming tournaments in order to make our goal of reaching the major. Any organization interested can get in touch with us directly.”

– Piyangoon “MYM” Kitisin on his personal Facebook page.

The following roster is open to offers:

More to come…

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