5POWER and Signature Off to London For FACEIT Asia Minor Championship

by Earl Carlo Guevarra

The FACEIT Asia Minor Team List is (almost) finalized

After two days of intense competition, 5POWER and Signature have booked their slots at the FACEIT Asia Minor happening later this year. The SEA Open Qualifier concluded on Sunday, with over a hundred teams from India, Pakistan and the SEA region taking part.

5POWER needed to beat Executioners (XcN), Mineski (16-3 on Inferno and 16-8 on Mirage) as well as B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape (16-13 on Mirage, 12-16 on Cache and 25-22 on Inferno) in order to get their spot.

Meanwhile, Signature Gaming took on Indonesia’s Recca Esports (19-15 on Mirage), Philippine’s ArkAngel (16-3 on Inferno, 7-16 on Train and 16-9 on Overpass) and Singapore’s Devious (16-10 on Mirage and 16-13 on Overpass) to grab their ticket to the Asia Minor Championship.

Earlier last week, Japan’s SZ Absolute and Australia’s Tainted Minds earned their respective slots, and while the China open qualifier had also concluded with Fierce Tiger taking a forfeit win against VG.Flash, a pending investigation resulted in Fierce Tiger being disqualified due to shady behavior on the organizations part.

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With the whole controversy surrounding the China open qualifier, the current team list for the Asia minor is as follows:

  • ?? TYLOO (Invited)
  • ?? Renegades (Invited)
  • ?? 5POWER (S.E.A+India Open Qualifier)
  • ?? Signature (S.E.A+India Open Qualifier)
  • ?? SZ Absolute (East Asia Open Qualifier)
  • ?? Tainted Minds (Oceania Open Qualifier)
  • ?? Uniquestars (Middle East + South Africa Open Qualifier)
  • ?? VG.Flash / ROAR (TBA – China Winner)

The Asia Minor will take place on July 16-20 in London, UK with a $50,000 prize pool. More importantly, the top two teams will qualify for FACEIT Major’s New Challengers Stage.

Cover photo courtesy of HLTV.ORG

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