D13 win Huya DarkHorse League Season 8 Final

by Juandi

D13 from Mongolia have won the eighth edition of Huya DarkHorse League, coming out ahead of NewHappy (16-4 on Inferno, 16-8 on Nuke) in the finals. Other than lifting the Huya DarkHorse League Season 8, Munkhtamir “tamir” Ganbaatar and co. have also secured CN¥20,000 (~US$3,079) first-place prize.

The eighth iteration of Huya DarkHorse League came with a whole different segment, with six invited teams consisting of two prominent Mongolian teams, D13 and The Black Company, as well as four Chinese teams labeled as the underdogs. Season 8 is the third time D13 was invited to the HuyaTV-sponsored league and the second time for NewHappy since their last appearance in Season 6. Meanwhile, Punch Quest Club, SEKINLO, and Reece are the new contenders in the league.

Huya DarkHorse League Season 8 pitted some of the notable teams from East Asia to net the CN¥30,000 (US$4,619). The event was held on March 4-18, spending eight days for the Regular Season and the final six days for the playoffs.

The regular season standings of Huya DarkHorse League Season 8 are as follows:

PlaceTeamW-T-L+/- RDPoints
1st🇨🇳 NewHappy4-1-0+589p
2nd🇲🇳 The Black Company3-2-0+598p
3rd🇨🇳 Reece2-2-1+206p
4th🇲🇳 D132-1-2+305p
5th🇨🇳 Punch Quest Club1-0-4-392p
6th🇨🇳 SEKINLO0-0-5-1280p

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The semi-finals went largely as expected, with D13 winning 2-1 over NewHappy (16-6 on Nuke, 5-16 on Inferno, 16-8 on Train), despite losing on Inferno 16-5. Another notable upset saw The Black Company taken down by both Reece and NewHappy 2-1. The grand final reunited D13 and NewHappy, in which they have met in the process, with the latter grinded their way up from the lower bracket, beating The Black Company 2-1 and Reece 2-0.

The Grand Final – D13 vs NewHappy

The final series started with NewHappy’s map pick of Inferno. D13 started off sluggishly as they fail to secure the first pistol round in their pocket. Later in the second round, the Chinese side got stunned as they could not utilize the economy-advantage made with the pistol-round win. D13 ran all over the map and claimed a ten-round streak on the CT side. NewHappy collected several rounds in the late first half and made the score to 3-12. The Mongolian side then closed out the game with a flawless second half. Telmen “shinobi” Batzorig led D13 with 21 kills in 20 rounds to secure a 1-0 series.

Nuke followed and started in a much more promising way, especially in the first half, for NewHappy. Despite losing the first three rounds, Pengxiang “Daniel” Mao and friends reached a 6-9 scoreline in the first half but saw them struggling in the T side of the second half. D13 stayed ahead in the second half with them winning the pistol round and regained full control of the game, closing out the game 16-8 and take the series 2-0 in a convincing fashion. Shinobi once again topped the scoreboard with a 1.48 HLTV rating, followed by Annihilation’s 1.43 HLTV rating.

Huya DarkHorse League Season 8 final standings:

1st🇲🇳 D13CN¥20,000 (~US$3,079)
2nd🇨🇳 NewHappyCN¥10,000 (~US$1,537)
3rd🇨🇳 Reece
4th🇲🇳 The Black Company
5th🇨🇳 Punch Quest Club
Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from Google/Morningstar) on March 18, 2020: ¥1 = 0,15 USD.

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