ESEA Season 37 Open APAC Recap Week 5

by Juandi

As ESEA Season 37 Open APAC enters its sixth week, CSGO2ASIA.com has prepared a concise summary of the fifth week to help you grasp and keep up with the situation on the field.

The fifth week of ESEA Season 37 Open APAC has come to an end, with Renewal (#1) topping the leaderboard, followed by ARAVT(#2), ARTiSAN (#4) and ZIGMA (#5). The aforementioned teams will almost certainly make the playoffs if they conclude their group stage matches properly.

Team NKT (#7) did not win their only match in the last week, falling to the Russian team maGicDV (#8). Dmitry “hyperhf” Kluychnikov, a former member of the Chinese-Russian team ROAR, was able to quiet the Anthony “ImpressioN” Lim-led team with a 34-19 K/D score, allowing maGicDV to win 16-11. The Russian team will not have any significant matchups in the coming week, with their significant match being against ARTiSAN Esports on June 20.

In the fifth week, AskingQuestions (#9) suffered two defeats against ZIGMA and ARAVT. This week will be critical for the Singapore-based organization if they want to hop on to the playoffs. A 16-5 triumph against ARTiSAN Esports on Nuke created a new perspective for the squad, who had seldom faced strong squads in the group stage. They are scheduled to take up against HZ this week on June 13.

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Headshot Esports (#3) would no longer enjoy easy matchups in their three last and upcoming matches any more. If they can hold their own against GR Gaming, ZIGMA, and Renewal for the remainder of their group stage matches, they will be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs and prove that they really belong among the big boys.

Checkmate (#10) has seen minimal activity despite rising from 18th to 10th rank. This week, they added three wins to their tally as 5YAT, w2c, and RedMonk forfeited. Confirmed by CSGO2ASIA, Checkmate will continue to participate, in which the squad “wanted to lift the trophy this season”. Meanwhile, ARAVT (#2), a relatively young Mongolian team in the forefront of Mongolian CS:GO, has moved up six positions to the runner-up position from last week. This week, they will play Team NKT in an intriguing battle and will be a notable match for next week as Asia’s multinational “super team” will expected to field the Mongolian player Tengis “sk0R” Batjargal.

The standings at the conclusion of week five look as follows (as of June 8):

1🇲🇳 Renewal91
2🇲🇳 ARAVT91
3🇮🇳 Headshot eSports91
4🌏 ARTiSAN Esports91
5🇹🇭 ZIGMA92
6🇸🇬 HZ82
7🌏 Team NKT82
8🇷🇺 maGicDV82
9🇸🇬 Asking Questions83
10🇲🇳 Checkmate73
11🇧🇳 Goodfellas Gaming73
12🇭🇰 DoNotDisturbLa73
13🇮🇩 Redemptions73
14🇭🇰 GR Gaming73
15🇶🇦 SNRG74
17🇭🇰 Not Even Close HK63
18🇮🇳 NoTeamTag64
19🇧🇩 RedViperZ64
20🇵🇭 SR Kwak65
21🇬🇺 Latte Esports65
22🇵🇰 Divine CS65
23🇧🇳 Yuth E-Sports43
24🇮🇳 5 GAY DADS46
25🇧🇳 FenrirBN46
26🇰🇷 Who We Smoke46
27🇯🇵 HoneyCombS47
28🇲🇳 w2c37
29🇮🇳 TEAM TeRR37
30🇷🇺 5YAT37
31🇮🇩 Hardcore39
32🇮🇳 Tantrum e-sports25
33🇮🇳 Team Xeeno26
34🇳🇵 Team Cillerian Asia15
35🇲🇺 DARK Esports17
36🇮🇳 RedMonk110
37🇹🇭 Play For Food04
38🇮🇳 Alpha Creed06
39🇹🇭 Play For Food06
40🇮🇳 Tetroyd06
42🇧🇳 Vencer06
43🇳🇵 myRevenge Nepal06
44🇹🇭 5LAN06

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