sk0R to play for Team NKT (ex-NG) in ESEA Season 37 Open APAC

by Juandi

Former D13 Esports member Tengis “sk0R” Batjargal looks set to join Team NKT (ex-NG) after being added to the team’s ESEA roster.

The move to NKT comes five days after the initial announcement of Tengis “sk0R” Batjargal‘s departure from D13 Esports, who left the squad by request. While there was no word about the prospect at that time, rumours were circulated that the Mongolian prodigy will join Team NKT, an ex-NG Esports lineup comprised of Asia’s finest players.

The 19-year-old has joined Team NKT’s ESEA roster in preparation for Team NKT’s last four group stage matches, with the closest two scheduled against GR Gaming and ARAVT on June 17. META.mn also stated that sk0R would also participate under the Team NKT banner in the upcoming DreamHack Open 45 (July) qualifier scheduled this week.

There is no word yet on who will be replaced by sk0R. However, rumours of one player leaving the squad, excluding Erdenetsogt “erkaSt” Gantulga and Anthony “ImpressioN” Lim as choices, have surfaced in the community, in which Team NKT have not made any official announcement.

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sk0R brings his first true professional team’s voyage to a close on a strong note. Among sk0R’s D13 achievements are a 5-8th place performance at Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020, runner-up finishes at the US$48,000 WDNMD Asia Invitational 2020, and first-place finishes at the MESA League Season 1 and Huya DarkHorse League Season 8 & 9.

Despite his late entry to the professional scene, sk0R had a great performance, and being dominated by Elfishguy and co. as the #19 best Asian player of 2020. Over the previous three months, the 19-year-old has also averaged a 1.22 rating across HLTV-recorded matches, including PWL CS:GO Season 1, Huya DarkHorse League Season 9, and Hyperion OEL CS:GO Launch.

Team NKT will attend the ESEA Season 37 Open APAC Group Stage with:

More to come…

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Cover photo courtesy of META.mn

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