Lenovo’s Legion of Valkyries Starts Tomorrow

by Nigel Li

The Lenovo’s Legion of Valkyries CS:GO May 2020 features 33 female teams competing for a prize pool of $1,000 USD. 

Beginning on 18th May and ending on the 22nd of May, the Legion of Valkyries is Lenovo’s female-only CS:GO tournament this season.

The event’s official page does not indicate the format of the competition, but we know from the organizers that it will be a single-elimination best of one bracket. The grand finals will be streamed and feature a best-of-three (BO3). Last year’s competition offered a prize pool of $11,000 USD and was hosted offline in Bangkok. The decrease in prize money is most likely adjusted to the current global Covid-19 pandemic, consequently, this year’s competition will be conducted online. 

Rayne Esports (still pending approval), coming in 2nd last year, and Team 49000, coming in 4th previously, are competing once again this year. Top contenders include China’s TYLOO.fe, Malaysia’s BAE.Sphynx and Indonesia’s Celestè, all of whom made an appearance at last years ZOWIE Divina 2019.

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The confirmed teams participating are:

🇹🇭 maitonlaaaa
🌏 BTR.Esports
🌏 Orgless
🇻🇳 Jocelyn
🌏 GamingHub
🇮🇳 Red Wings
🇵🇭 AnenoKnights FE
🇹🇭 Spirit Breaker
🇵🇭 Komika Esports
🌏 Carnage
🇲🇾 Redsea.fe
🇲🇾 BAE.Sphynx
🇮🇩 Swans
🇲🇾 We.Baeters

🇹🇭 D (half moon)
🇹🇭 Fleur Blanc 
🌏 5ks.female
🌏 HomeLess
🇸🇬 Rising5
🌏 TYLOO.fe
🇭🇰 Team 49000
🇮🇩 Celestè
🇵🇭 Blacklist International
🌏 Fragcats.Fe
🇲🇳 XOP
🇹🇭 NG.Mad Army

Teams pending approval:

🇮🇳 Rayne Esports
🇸🇬 Helix Squad
🇻🇳 The Sixth Sense
🇲🇾 Boomer Esports
🇮🇳 Nyx

We will update with more information including stream links and results on our social media. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more timely updates.

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