Lynn Vision Gaming Wins the ThunderFire Asia Championships

by Nigel Li

Lynn Vision Gaming claims 1st Place and ¥50,000 in prize money at the ThunderFire Asia Championships, defeating OneThree 2-1

Organized by Vision Esports and sponsored by 5EWin and the namesake ThunderFire Gaming, The ThunderFire Asia Championships saw eight teams battle it out for a prize pool of ¥100,000 CNY.

The Regular Season

Consisting of a Round-Robin League format, the competition began on 5 July and ending with the resounding victory of Lynn Vision on 25th July. Notable teams such as HuatZai, TIGER, and BTRG took part in the ThunderFire Asia Championships.

TIGER, who recently won the ESEA Season 34 APAC Open, failed to make the reach the top four while BTRG suffered the same fate as TIGER. Coming in 7th was JiJieHao and the Singaporean Huat Zai on 8th. Huat Zai had no wins to their name during the ThunderFire Asia Championships.

The Playoffs

Four teams managed to secure a spot for the playoffs: JMT Game Team (18p), Lynn Vision Gaming (15p), Team Zero.TSG (15p), and lastly OneThree (12p).

The first round of the Upper Bracket saw OneThree defeating JMT 2-1. Meanwhile, Zero.TSG beat Lynn Vision Gaming 2-1, placing Lynn Vision Gaming in the Lower Bracket with the defeated JMT.

The Upper Bracket Final saw OneThree win against Zero.TSG 2-0, the latter having a second chance at the Lower Bracket Final. During the first round of the lower bracket, Lynn Vision Gaming redeemed itself after a resounding 2-0 victory against JMT and once more against Zero.TSG 2-0 during the Lower Bracket Final. Taking the lower bracket, Lynn Vision Gaming faced off OneThree during the Grand Final of the ThunderFire Asia Championships.

The Grand Final

Emerging stronger than before, Lynn Vision Gaming claimed victory as the champion of the ThunderFire Asia Championships. Initially facing a setback during the first round, Lynn Vision Gaming won two successive maps, defeating OneThree on Overpass and Mirage to secure a 2-1 finish.

Final Results of the ThunderFire Asia Championships

Place CNY ¥  Team
1st ¥50,000 🇨🇳 Lynn Vision Gaming
2nd ¥30,000 🇨🇳 OneThree
3rd ¥10,000 🇨🇳 Team Zero.TSG
4th ¥10,000 🌏 JMT Game Team

Cover photo courtesy of TomorrowLAN

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