MVP PK Add Three, GOSU Disband

by Nikhil Hathiramani

The Korean squads merge to form a new line-up, with ex-MVP player Kim “HSK” Hae-seong re-joining as IGL and main AWPer.

Late last night, MVP PK announced the departure of core members Keun-Chul “solo”Kang and Min-Soo “glow” Kim soon after their announcement of withdrawing from the WESG World Finals, which started today in Chongqing, China.

With the removal of solo and glow, big shoes need to be filled. These arrive in the form of Hae-Seong “HSK” Kim and Gu-Taek “stax” Kim from Korea’s GOSU. The former will take on the role of in-game leader (IGL) with the latter taking the role of an entry-fragger.

In an interesting move, the transfer of players also includes GOSU member Hong-Kyo “jinx” Jeong who will occupy a back-up position on the lineup, effectively making this a 6-man roster.

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Unfortunately for GOSU, their road in CS:GO has ended. The former second best Korean team was last seen at the Asia Minor in Katowice, Poland earlier this year and finished in 5-6th place ahead of teams like Aequss Club and Beyond Esports. This move to merge the two organisations rosters doesn’t come as a surprise however, as it is no secret that talent and resources supporting CS:GO are little-to-nowhere to be found in Korea.

With this player transfer, the full roster of MVP PK now looks as follows:

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