Aerowolf Wins ESEA APAC Open Season 25


A Significant Win for the Newly Formed Indonesian Squad

The 25th edition of the ESEA APAC Open League saw sixty-six teams from all across the APAC region battle for the US$2,500 prize pool. This season included well-known teams such as Risky Gaming, Recca Esports, and B.O.OT-dream[S]cape. Although the aforementioned teams were well positioned to move on to playoffs, the instability of the APAC region seemed to plague this season like those before it. The result was forfeit wins across the board.

UAE’s Risky Gaming topped the table of the regular season with a 15-1 score, only to drop out in playoffs due to the ROG Masters Qualifiers. Furthermore, top Korean team, MVP Project, disbanded prior to the playoffs.

In their road to the finals, Aerowolf took on Orange Esports and Insidious Gaming to move on to the grand finals. Meanwhile, Mineski edged out Recca Esports during the semi-finals, taking the series to three maps.

Going into the finals, it seemed to be a balanced match-up for both teams. The first map was Overpass, Aerowolf’s pick. After a good first half, Aerowolf had the lead 9-6 on the T side. Mineski’s T side proved to be a good match-up against Aerowolf, but with the momentum behind them, Aerowolf stuck it out, closing the map 16-14. The second map was Train. Unfortunately for Mineski, Aerowolf got a massive head start on the CT side, ending the half 11-4. While it seemed for a moment that Mineski would survive, the Indonesian’s prevailed, securing the map with a 16-7 victory over Mineski.

Registrations are now open for Season 26.

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Cover photo courtesy of HLTV.ORG

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