APL Season 5 Begins – New Pro Division Format & Free Trial System

by Nikhil Hathiramani

The Asian Pro League enters Season 5 with some Chinese New Year Promotions to Celebrate

The Asian Pro League is celebrating the end of four seasons! As we enter season 5 we celebrate Chinese New Year with a new promo code available for all new players, a new Pro division format and some changes to the overall structure of the Asian Pro League. Ladders opened this past weekend on February 1st, 2019 at 00:00 (SGT), players from the Invite only Pro Division, Division 1 and Division 2 will continue to duke it out for their share of the monthly prize pool. 

New Ways to Try Out the APL

As of season 5, two active discount codes will be available for use across the Asian Pro League at any given time. Both these codes apply only to the ‘monthly’ subscription plan and can be redeemed at any time, so use it wisely!

Use code: 'APL3' for a 3-day free trial

Use code: 'APLGG2EZ' for 50% off your first month subscription

Things to Look Forward To

In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out some new content such as streams, frag highlights of division winners and more. In addition, we will have open applications for our moderation and admin team – an exciting opportunity for people who want to get more deeply involved in the community run league. We are always looking for feedback too, so please be sure to join our Discord server to ensure your voice is heard and to keep up to date with what’s happening.


Winners of Season 4

Pro Division

  1. StyroN– 🇸🇬 – US$500
  2. Tommy 🇸🇬 – US$ 300
  3. insanity 🇸🇬 – US$100
  4. PTC 🇹🇭 – US$50
  5. ChoiChinJian 🇸🇬 – US$ 50

Division 1

  1. fishball 🇲🇾 – US$ 200 + APL Pro Invite
  2. Mistyy-iwnl- 🇦🇪 US$ 125 + APL Pro Invite
  3. -SA 🇮🇩 – US$ 75
  4. Sharky-L- 🇮🇩 – US$ 50
  5. SoloGodx 🇮🇳 – US$ 50

Prizes for Season 5

Pro Division Total - US$1,000  
1st - US$ 300 x2
2nd - US$ 150 x2
3rd - US$ 50 x2

Division 1 (SG) Total - US$ 500
1st - US$ 200
2nd - US$ 125
3rd - US$ 75
4th - US$ 50
5th - US$ 50

Division 2 (SG) Total - 10,000 FACEIT Points
1st - 5,000 FACEIT Points
2nd - 2,500 FACEIT Points
3rd - 1,500 FACEIT Points
4th - 500 FACEIT Points
5th - 500 FACEIT Points

A full change log for Season 5 can be found below:

APL Season 5 Updates

- Updated 'Hall of Shame' for public viewing of succesfully reported/banned players.
- Added new free trial discount code: "APL3" for a 3-day free trial

Pro Division
- Split monthly season into two two-week seasons
- Prize money is now split between Top 3 of leaderboard instead of Top 5
- Pro Division Players deemed inactive will be removed in Season 5 (updates to coming shortly)

Division 1
- Re-enabled viewing of who is queueing

Division 2
- Re-enabled viewing of who is queueing

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