CAL Season 20 – The ZOWIE Lockdown

by Nikhil Hathiramani

As the COVID-19 situation shows no signs of slowing down, the lockdown continues. With the 20th season of the CSGO2ASIA League, we’ve extended the free-to-play status. Subscribers gain access to the leaderboards and a chance to win some new prizes thanks to our sponsor, ZOWIE!

WOW! Here we are, Season 20. It’s been an incredible journey to this point, and when we started back in October 2018, we had no idea how far this would go.

As always, the playing experience for all our subscribers is paramount to the success of the CSGO2ASIA League. For a while in between, the League looked like it might expire, but thanks to the resilience of a few hardcore members, Divisions were kept alive.

We suspected some obstacles, especially regarding the frequency of the matches played. In Division 3, the player levels (1-4) meant to create a safe place for low-level players to get used to the idea of and experience the SoloQ environment. That is why we made a significant change.

Division 3 is now more active than it ever has been, with Division 1 and 2 regularly pushing multiple concurrent games. To our surprise, there were even days where Division 3 had more matches played than Division 1.

A Word About Masters Division

One thing that has been brought back to attention is the state of our Masters (previously Pro) Division. With little else to play for in the Asian region, many of our Masters players have been requesting for this Division to be resurrected.

These requests don’t fall on deaf ears, and while we explore options on how to make this happen, we don’t want to make mistakes we made in the past. For this reason, we have decided to suspend the invite system into Masters for Division 1 players. The fact is, there was no point inviting people to “Pro” division when no matches were played.

On a recent stream on our Twitch channel, I briefly explain the thought process and decisions we are trying to arrive at. What is the best way to approach the masters? What should the format be, how many invites do we dish out, and what are the prizes?

We cannot deny the facts – 12 months of Pro Div combined saw less activity than one single month of Division 1 at its peak.

ZOWIE Lockdown Challenge

In Season 18, we introduced our first sponsor, ZOWIE. ZOWIE is a partner we have worked closely with in the past and so we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them yet again.

The proof is in the pudding, and thanks to all of our subscribers who came out in droves and played their hearts out in Season 18, we are back with more attractive prizes with a slight twist. See the prize summary below for details on how you can win yourself a state-of-the-art ZOWIE XL2546 monitor this season!

Remember, this season is totally free-to-play, but in order to get on the leaderboards, you will need to subscribe.


Below is a summary of last season’s winners as well as the prizes for season 20:

Season 19 Winners

Division 1 Winners

1-Moosey-1,994$125 + Invite
2_Hoax1,817$75 + Invite
3-benaf1,528$50 + Invite
4tacklegod1,479$50 + Invite

Division 2 Winners


Prizes for Season 20 (May 2020)

Division 1 
Cash Total = US$ 200
1x ZOWIE XL2546 Monitor
100,000 FACEIT Points 
Ten 10% ZOWIE Coupons  

Season Leaderboard
1st - ZOWIE XL 2456
2nd - US$ 125
3rd - US$ 75

Division 2
Cash Total = US$ 150
1x ZOWIE XL2546 Monitor
100,000 FACEIT Points 
Ten 10% ZOWIE Coupons  

Season Leaderboard
1st - ZOWIE XL 2456
2nd - US$ 100
3rd - US$ 50

Division 3
Cash Total = S$50 
Five 10% Zowie Coupons
50,000 FACEIT Points

Season Leaderboard
1st - US$ 50
2nd - 20th: FACEIT Points totaling 50,000!

See the leaderboards for more details.

A full changelog for CAL Season 20 can be found below:

CAL Season 20 - May 2020 Updates

- Reintroducted ZOWIE as a main sponsor.  
- Added the 'ZOWIE Lockdown Challenge' accross all divisions.

Division 1
- Extended F2P (Free-2-Play) for the month of May.
- Only subscribers are eligible for this month's prizes.
- Invites to Masters Division suspended.

Division 2
- Extended F2P  (Free-2-Play) for the month of May.
- Only subscribers are eligible for this month's prizes.

Division 3
- Introduced cash prizes in division 3.
- Enabled F2P (Free-2-Play) for the month of May. 

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