Divine Vendetta sign Camel Riders

by Nikhil Hathiramani

Dubai based Divine Vendetta has officially announced the signing of the Camel Riders core team.

Divine Vendetta has signed the Camel Riders squad. Camel Riders are known for winning one of the spots at the WESG qualifier in the Middle East region and more recently, the Middle East Minor qualifier to Rio before VALVE’s format change. With the recent results, Divine Vendetta came to an agreement with the core of the Camel Riders team and have both agreed to start working together under the Divine Vendetta brand.

Camel Riders have been a great success story from the region and certainly considered one of the best if not the best CS:GO team in the Middle East & North Africa region. Ahmad “Mistyy” Yakoub is the only player not to join the new squad, and will instead be replaced with Love “havoK” Paras. The latter was a long-standing member of NASR Esports.

The organization has also contracted Ashley “Ash” Battye, former head coach of Vexed Gaming. The new team will make their debut appearance at the recently announced Perfect World Asia Summer League 2020.

The Middle-Eastern mix team currently sits at 7th place in the Regional Major Rankings ahead of Lucid Dream. Because of the roster switch, Divine Vendetta has lost 190 points (20%) and will need to stick with this line-up going forward if they want to retain their points.

The full roster of Divine Vendetta CS:GO is as follows:

🇮🇶 Ahmed “EJRAM” Matouk
🇮🇳 Love “havoK” Paras
🇵🇰 Saad “PokemoN” Ahmad
🇦🇪 Abdulrahman “DVDOV” Abdullah
🇦🇪 Yousef “TTyke” Abdullah

🇬🇧 Ashley “ash” Battye (Coach)

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