Japan’s Absolute Quit CS:GO to Pursue VALORANT Future

by Kai Lih

A few days after Riot Games released information about its upcoming tactical first-person shooter VALORANT, Japan’s top CS:GO team Absolute announced its departure from Counter-Strike with plans to play VALORANT professionally in the future.

Team Absolute has announced its departure from professional CS:GO. The team has represented the region in multiple international tournaments. They competed in international events like WESG 2018, eXTREMESLAND 2019, and the OMEN Challenger Series 2019. Furthermore, they dominatedd in all major domestic tournaments. The team most recently won OMEN Japan Cup 2020, both WESG Japan 2018 and 2019, and many more.

Although being the best in Japan, Absolute could never quite replicate the same success internationally. With this move, we could expect a lot of Tier 2 – 3 Asian CS:GO teams making the switch in the not so distant future.

With VALORANT making big waves about it being a strong competitor to CS:GO, Absolute is banking on making an impact in the region from day one. It is an interesting prospect considering the new title hasn’t even been released yet, but only time will tell.

Valorant is expected to be released on June 2nd

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