Jinx – “We are ‘friendly rivals’ with MVP PK”

by Nikhil Hathiramani

Day 1 of the Asia Minor is over with no real surprises. We sat down with the Korean side, GOSU, and spoke to Hong-Gyo “Jinx” Jung about how it feels to attend their first ever International LAN.

CSGO2ASIA: First of all, this is your first event outside of Korea since the team formed. How does it feel to be here at the Asia Minor?

Jinx: Well, of course, we are really happy to be here. This is the most special event for Asian teams, the Minor, so we are really focused on just winning all our games, it feels so good.

CSGO2ASIA: Nice. You guys have worked really hard to get here. How did you prepare before coming to Katowice this week, did you do any sort of boot camp?

Jinx: No, we didn’t have any sort of boot camp, we just played in our Korean gaming house prior to coming here. We didn’t really do anything different other than putting in more and more practice, including weekends. So we’ve been working really hard for the last 2 weeks.

CSGO2ASIA: Ok, got it. To be honest, many people didn’t expect you to take the first map off ViCi, but you clearly played a better game and didn’t give them many chances on their T-side, winning the first half 12-3. Walk us through that game a little, and what your strategy was?

Jinx: I think we just played how we practiced, as a team. Our confidence was there after the first half so we knew we were going to win. Our T-side is still a little shaky so we lost a lot of stupid rounds but we finally did it. I don’t think there was any real strategy, we just played how we practiced and everything was working properly.

CSGO2ASIA: In your series vs. MVP, the first game on Mirage ran away from you after MVP mounted a strong comeback. Tell us what happened there from your perspective?

Jinx: On Mirage, it was the opposite of what we played vs. ViCi. We weren’t playing as a team, and things that we practiced were not working. MVP is really good at working together and so they managed to come back easily once we were making all those stupid mistakes. When Gu-Taek “stax” Kim defused the bomb on round 22 and got us the 13-9 score we were so confident we were going to win, but, it was just stupid mistakes that cost us that game.

CSGO2ASIA: We understand that GOSU has never beaten MVP PK on LAN? Do you see them as your ultimate rival, and/or is it friendly between the teams?

Jinx: Haha, we are friendly rivals. The players are all friendly to each other, of course, but when we play CS we only play to win. We always lose to them, yes, we still have a lot of work to figure out why we keep losing to MVP.

CSGO2ASIA: GOSU has been around for a while now, but for those that do not know, tell us what are some of your favorite moments of 2018?

Jinx: Well I think the biggest thing for us in 2018 was qualifying for this Minor. This was the most special moment for me, personally.

CSGO2ASIA: I bet! So finally, what are your plans for the year ahead and your goals for this tournament going forward?

Jinx: Well, we want to focus on qualifying for more big events. Also, I think we want to really develop our own play-style. But actually, I haven’t really thought about 2019, I am just focused on this event at the moment. We just want to win every one we play, so let’s see!

CSGO2ASIA: Awesome, thanks Jinx and good luck!

Jinx: Thank you!

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