LVG sign XinKoiNg to create six-man roster

by Juandi

According to TomorrowLAN, ZhuXing “XinKoiNg” Cai will return to the Lynn Vision Gaming (LVG) active lineup, creating the first six-man roster among the top Chinese teams. The core LVG players will continue being a part of the team with the new addition.

The newly rebranded LVG has been seen playing with ZhuXing “XinKoiNg” Cai, substituting in for YiNan “Mr.mao” Wang during the team’s debut at FunSpark Rivals Pre-Season. LVG’s six-man roster was able to beat the international lineup of Paper Rex (25-21 on Nuke and 16-3 on Inferno), and their Chinese compatriot, Team Zero (16-8 on Dust2 and 16-12 on Overpass). So far, it is still unclear on how LVG will adapt to the system of roster rotation based on specific maps being played or tournament structure.

The 24-year old XinKoiNg joined the team in December 2019, replacing ZhenDong “Not7” Mo, who is currently retired as a player and continues to contribute to the Chinese scene as a coach. However, in October 2020, LVG decided to sign current in-game leader Heng “EXPRO” Yang to their active lineup, which forced XinKoiNg to move to the bench position.

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With XinKoiNg, LVG found many successes by winning the first and the third edition of Huya DarkHorse League, ThunderFire Asia Championships, and NEXT Pro Season 1. LVG is scheduled to face TIGER for the first-place position in Group B of FunSpark Rivals Pre-Season tournament.

After the pandemic struck the world of Counter-Strike, it has been common in the professional scene to feature the formula of a six-man roster in order to completely reinvent their playstyles. Teams can change players based on the maps played and allow players to be substituted based on the situation of their players. The hype started when Astralis, Vitality, and ENCE signed es3tag, Nivera, and Jamppi respectively. In Asia, the trend has been led by Paper Rex with the signings of Tommy and f0rsakeN, followed by the current LVG roster.

With this addition, Lynn Vision Gaming (LVG) currently have:

  • 🇨🇳 JiaNan “Stanj” Zhu (coach)

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