Malaysia’s JYP Disband

by Nikhil Hathiramani

After almost a year in action but with little results, the Malaysian organization JYP closes its doors on CS:GO

JYP Gaming was formed in mid-2017 amidst the Malaysian shuffle, which saw teams like MVP Karnal, Fire Dragoon, and Orange Esports exchange players in every direction. While JYP was strong coming off the achievements the roster had while playing under MVP Karnal, the team continued to struggle with making a dent since its inception.

A few roster changes earlier this year showed promise once again, but after failing to qualify for any significant event the team has now decided to call it quits, releasing all players effective immediately.

In a brief statement to CSGO2ASIA, Sha “ZesBeeW” Mohtar reiterated the same sentiment:

“We tried our best to grind and train with our given time from the organization, but we couldn`t produce the results that we wanted. Things weren’t working out in the team, even though we kept trying to change our roles, it was still the same. When we figured out that things just wouldn’t improve, we collectively decided to part ways with JYP.”

As for the players, each will be going their separate ways. Sha “ZesBeeW” Mohtar will be standing in for Singaporean squad ‘Resurgence’ while he waits for his enlistment into the Singapore National Service. Gavin “snapt” Hamilton and Hannan “SovreigN” Hamzah will both be taking a break from professional Counter-Strike with the former focusing on his last year of university. As for the Pereira brothers, Alex and Aaron,  both will continue to play CS:GO in the Oceanic scene, with Aaron “Pzk!d” Pereira confirmed a spot in Australia’s Cordivae as of writing.

Cover photo courtesy of HLTV.ORG

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