Renewal, Checkmate, After & D13 advanced to Funspark ULTI 2021 Season 1

by Juandi

Renewal, Checkmate, After Gaming, and D13 have all qualified for Funspark ULTI 2021 Regional Series Asia Season 1 after securing the top four places in the qualifier, 5E Arena Open Season 1 East Asia, with the former came out in the first place by beating their Mongolian compatriot, Checkmate 2-1, in a full triplets game (Inferno 14-16, Nuke 16-14, Train 16-14).

Funspark ULTI 2021 Asia Season 1 offered eighth spots in the Regional Series for non-invited teams through 5E Arena Open Season 1. It was handed out in the East Asia & Southeast Asia Open Qualifier, with the top four from each region to advance to the giant US$630,000 all-year-long competition organized by Funspark and 5EPlay.

Eighth East Asian teams have clashed for four exclusive spots, with Renewal, Checkmate, After Gaming, and D13 came out on top and headed into the Regional Series Season 1. They will join the eighth invited sides and top four standings from the Southeast Asian division that are set to be decided on March 25-26.

Mongolian Teams Dominated The Playoffs

The first round of the playoffs saw expected results coming out by all of the teams. D13 were standing on the edge of a cliff but live to fight another day after overcoming w2c on the third map (Nuke 19-15, Dust2 11-16, Inferno 19-15). Meanwhile, Checkmate convincingly advanced to the semi-final after defeating OS-Esport from Taiwan (Inferno 16-1, Mirage 16-9).

Renewal and After Gaming found themselves having comfortable victories against The Black Company and Blank, respectively, as both teams were not able to force the game to double digits. The Black Company were denied a spot by Renewal, a newly-formed organization that just signed ex-TIGER a few days before the tournament.

Despite the fact that Renewal, After, D13, and Checkmate have been garnered their spots in Funspark ULTI 2021, they continued their battle to duke it out for the US$2,000 first-prize winner.

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After taking care of The Black Company in the quarter-final, they showcased a 2-1 reverse sweep against the Chinese squad, After Gaming (Dust2 11-16, Mirage 16-10, Inferno 16-10). Checkmate were able to grab a comfortable victory against D13 (Nuke 16-9, Inferno 16-8).

Moving into the finals, Checkmate started the series in the lead by winning their map pick of Inferno 16-14. Switching over to Nuke, Renewal pulled off a narrow 16-14 victory to tie the series and force it onto Train. The third map saw two teams once again play in a grueling match, with Renewal winning the series 16-14, claiming the 5E Arena Open Season 1 East Asia, US$2,000 first-place prize winner, and a ticket to the US$60,000 Funspark ULTI 2021 Regional Series.

The list of participants for Funspark ULTI 2021 Regional Series Asia Season 1 will be finalized later on March 26 following the conclusion of the Southeast Asia qualifier. Below you can find the confirmed team to attend the Regional Series Season 1:

🇨🇳 Wings Up🇨🇳 After Gaming
🇨🇳 Invictus Gaming🇲🇳 Checkmate
🇨🇳 LVG🇲🇳 Renewal
🇨🇳 Let’s Quit🇲🇳 D13
🇨🇳 TaiChangGui🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #1
🇨🇳 TYLOO🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #2
🇨🇳 Newhappy🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #3
🇨🇳 Reece🌍 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia #4

5E Arena Open Season 1 East Asia final standings:

1st🇲🇳 RenewalUS$2,000 + Spot
2nd🇲🇳 CheckmateUS$1,000 + Spot
3rd-4th🇨🇳 After GamingUS$600 + Spot
3rd-4th🇲🇳 D13US$600 + Spot
5th-8th🇰🇷 BlankUS$200
5th-8th🇲🇳 The Black CompanyUS$200
5th-8th🇹🇼 OS E-sportUS$200
5th-8th🇲🇳 w2cUS$200
* Spot = Qualified for Funspark ULTI 2021 Regional Series Asia Season 1

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