Raph joins ARTiSAN Esports; guin back to active lineup

by Juandi

Rafael “Raph” Ferreira Marҫal will be back on action with ARTiSAN Esports after one month gap following his departure from BL4ZE Esports.

With the departures of Dmitry “sstiNiX” Khlebnikov and Nikita “daBoiKNG” Larichev, ARTiSAN will no longer feature any Russian players. According to the press statement, the pair will shortly join a CIS-based organization.

To replace the Russian duo, ARTiSAN Esports has announced the arrival of Raph and Guin to the active lineup, who will take their positions. The latter will return after a brief term in the coaching job he had after Iman “cara” Jeffery’s arrival to the active lineup.

Raph is a Portuguese player who has formerly played for various teams in Malaysia and India, notably Orange Esports and BL4ZE Esports. He will be reunited alongside Iman “cara” Jeffery, a previous teammate in both Orange Esports and BL4ZE Esports, and Kiran “Rossi” R, a five-month partner in BL4ZE Esports. With three former BL4ZE Esports members on the roster, the lineup resembled a reunion of the ESL India Premiership: Fall 2020 champion.

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Meanwhile, Kiyota “guin” Tadashi de Loundres is a Japanese-Brazillian player who has experience in both Asia and South America. Having played for DeToNator, one of Japanese’s notable CS:GO teams in 2017, and was last seen playing for the Brazilian squad Reapers.

ARTiSAN was one of the few organizations in Asia to enter CS:GO this year, bringing on board promising young players from five different nationalities. With recent victories against Not Even Close HK and DoNotDisturbLa, ARTiSAN Esports is now ranked in the top two in ESEA Season 37 Open APAC Group Stage Week 3. They are also scheduled to play against ZIGMA on May 30.

ARTiSAN Esports is now:

  • 🇵🇹 Rafael “Raph” Ferreira Marҫal
  • 🇲🇴 Francisco “escudo” Mascarenhas
  • 🇮🇳 Kiran “Rossi” R
  • 🇯🇵 Kiyota “guin” Tadashi
  • 🇲🇾 Iman “cara” Jeffery

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