BlackBird picks up Japanese CS:GO roster of Ignis

by Kai Lih

A glimmer of hope for Japanese CS:GO following the departure of team Absolute.

After the departure of Absolute’s CS:GO team earlier this year, finally some good news emerges from Japan as a new professional team is born. BlackBird, whose owner is an ex-player for DeToNator, has announced the acquirement of the Ignis roster. The team has named itself BlackBird Ignis.

It is without a doubt that Ignis has been the 2nd best team in Japan for some time now. Unfortunately, the team has been falling short to Absolute in regional events and qualifiers. However, after Absolute’s departure to Valorant, Ignis will take up the domestic mantle. However, they’ve yet to make a dent against the Asian scene beyond East Asia.

In a statement to CSGO2ASIA, Takeo-san had a few words to share with Japanese CS:GO fans:

Hello CS:GO fans around the world! We are a Japanese Professional Esports team called BlackBird “blackbirdgg.com”. Today, we announce the acquisition of IGNIS as a full-time professional team. So, we decided to pick up IGNIS as we are impressed with their solid tatics and great individual mechanical skill. Therefore, we have decided to invest in them as they are a young team as well.

Thank you so much for reading, we will work hard and surprise everyone in the competitive scene! Good luck and have fun!

Representative of BlackBird – Keita Takeo

Ketia “YukiStyle” Takeo, a retired player from DeToNator, will lead the squad as the owner of the team.

The complete roster of BlackBird is as follows:

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