Bren Esports Round Off Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020

by Earl Carlo Guevarra

Top Philippines team, Bren Esports, wins against Mongolia’s waytochampions (w2c), 2-0, in the grand finals of the Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020 qualifiers grabbing the final spot for the Asian Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament on Sunday night.

The Perfect World League Summer 2020 Asian Open Qualifiers composed of dozens of teams from all over Asia. Notable contenders such as Huat Zai, Paper Rex & BTRG competed.

All three of the aforementioned teams were knocked in the round-of-sixteen and quarter-finals, leaving eventual winners BREN Esports, and Thailand’s ZIGMA, as top contenders for the single qualification spot.

ZIGMA was denied a chance at the finals by eventual runners up, w2c, while BREN Esports managed to take down Huat Zai and Middle-Eastern mix, ‘Slick Devils’ on their way to the finals.

The Grand Finals

In the ban phase, the Mongolian side w2c chose to play on Dust 2, while the Philippine-based squad went for Inferno as their pick. Nuke was left as the decider map for the series.

On Dust 2, Bren Esports had a hard time handling the CT side as w2c executed on the bomb sites with absolute precision. However, in the second half of the map, the Philippine side showed resilience and displayed multiple clutch plays in order to survive the match and win the first map, 16-14.

Meanwhile, Bren Esports and w2c on Inferno had a closer match, with both sides duking it out throughout the first half. However, the Filipinos edged them out to obtain a standard 9-6 lead on their CT side at the end of the first half.

In the second half, the Mongolians managed to close out Bren’s advantage and tie it up in the 20th and 26th rounds, but the Philippine-based squad was able to exert enough effort in order to close out the map, 16-13, and win the series with a 2-0 clean sweep.

Riley “witz” Go was the point man for Bren Esports on both maps, while Chinguun “hasteka” Bayarmaa led the charge for w2c, particularly on Dust 2.

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The final results for the Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020 Asia qualifiers are as follows:

1st place: 🇵🇭 Bren Esports
2nd place: 🇲🇳 w2c
3rd/4th place: 🇹🇭 ZIGMA
3rd/4th place: 🌏 Slick Devils

Here is the final list of teams for PAL Summer 2020:

🇨🇳 ViCi Gaming
🇹🇭 Beyond Esports
🇲🇳 D13
🌏 Divine Vendetta
🇵🇭 Bren Esports

🇲🇳 Mazaalai
🇹🇭 Lucid Dream
🇨🇳 Invictus Gaming

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