IeSF World Championship 2017 Set To Start

by Kai Lih

A Push For Esports To Be Recognized As A Legitimate Sport

The 9th IeSF Esports World Championship, which will be held on 8th to 12th November, is set to start in Busan, South Korea.  There is a push in Asia for Esports to be included in the Olympics, as leSF is partnering with the Olympic Council of Asia and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea in order to promote esports as a true sport. With the incredible popularity and growth in esports, this tournament is seen as a stepping stone towards that reality.

While still far from having an accurate representation of the World’s best Esports athletes, especially for CS:GO, this tournament should still be an interesting watch. The championship does not guarantee that Esports will be included in the 2020 Tokyo games, but it will be a good start to convince the mainstream audiences of the World that Esports is indeed becoming more relevant.

The 8th IeSF Championship was hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. Teams like Tyloo and MVP Project previously attended, with Finland’s ENCE Esports taking the crown last year. This time around, teams like Eclipse, Fire Dragoon, and MiTH will be joining the ranks of MVP PK, Eclipse and HAVU to fight for the title of World champions. Philippines representatives, Mineski, recently announced that they will not be attending the event this week.

Below are the teams attending the tournament:

  • AKARA ??
  • Berzerk ??
  • Chiefs ??
  • Eclipse ??
  • Fire Dragoon ??
  • FiRENATiON ??
  • Forge ??
  • forZe ??
  • HAVU ??
  • MiTH??
  • MVP PK ??
  • Nexus ??
  • PROTEA ??
  • TPCU ??
  • Uniquestars ??
  • UTM ??
  • WMGC ??

Note: Mineski ?? , proWince  ??  and Vanguard ?? have pulled out of the event.

At this time, the IeSF has yet to release full details such as schedule, groups, and playoff format. We will update you as soon as we know.

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Cover photo courtesy of IeSF.

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